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Bathing and Dressing Become Simple with Pants-Up Easy

By Megan Smith, PT

Pants Up Easy is a revolution for the mobility-challenged community, serving as both a dressing and toileting aid that helps users who aren't so steady on their feet pull their pants up and down without assistance.

Get Instant Pain Relief with Oceanus Shockwave Therapy

By Hulet Smith, OTR/L

Looking for a better solution to pain relief? Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is on the cutting edge of therapeutic techniques, used to provide pain relief and accelerated healing in various orthopedic injuries. The Oceanus Shockwave Therapy Device is the perfect way to utilize this therapy with an ultra-intuitive interface at an economical price. Read on to learn more!

Design a Truly Inclusive Playground with Sportsplay's Wheelchair Accessible Merry-Go-Round!

By Megan Smith, PT

Imagine a playground where your child can wheel themselves right up onto a merry-go-round spinner and join their friends in a rollicking round of play - and where you don’t have to be worried about their safety while they do so!

2nd Skull: Better Impact Protection for Athletes of All Ages

By Megan Smith, PT

At the end of the day, contact sports come with inherent risk. If hit hard enough, there’s not much that will protect players from an injury. But the 2nd Skull headgear product line can reduce the impact taken from a hit by almost a third - and that’s a lot of impact injuries avoided. 

The Wheelchair Mover Makes Patient Transfer Smooth, Safe, & Easy

By Hulet Smith, OT

For any hospital, elderly care facility or rehabilitation center looking to prolong the health and service of their medical staff, the Wheelchair Mover is a wonderful and creative tool to ensure safety plays a key role in every patient interaction - for the patient, as well as the caregiver! 

No More Drained Wheelchair Batteries: Liberator Solar-Powered Wheelchair

By Megan Smith, PT

The Liberator Solar Powered Wheelchair is the first power wheelchair on the market today that runs primarily on solar energy, thanks to its innovative Solar Companion—a unique sun converting solar panel designed exclusively for the Liberator chair!

Med-Mizer Adjustable Beds: You've Never Seen a Hospital Bed Like This!

By Hulet Smith, OT

Proudly American-made, Med-Mizer’s selection of state-of-the art hospital beds continues to remain ahead of the curve in the growing healthcare industry through innovation, creativity, and making a common product uncommonly good.

Reduce Caregiver Injuries and Transfer Patients Effortlessly Using the EvaDrive Mobile Patient Lift

By Hulet Smith, OT

Perform patient transfers at the touch of a finger! The EvaDrive Mobile Lift was designed to help contain the growing cost of injuries to both patients and health care providers by virtually eliminating injuries during transfers. 

Ditch the Wheelchair and Leave Leg Braces Behind with the Freeloader Child Carrier!

By Megan Smith, PT

Are you the parent of a toddler, or caring for a small child with special needs? The Freeloader Child Carrier will make life infinitely easier for any family looking for a way to take children along for the adventure, whether adventure means traveling, hiking, camping, or going on a trip to the grocery store! 

Scared of Falls? The IndeeLift Can Get You Up Safely

By Mike Price, OT

Scared of falling or looking for a better solution for frequent falls? The IndeeLift turns falling into a non-event, allowing you to safely pick yourself up, or help up a loved one who has fallen with no manual lifting required. Read on for more information on this amazing tool!

Toss the Tennis Balls for Stabilized Steps and Find the Freedom to Move Forward

By Hulet Smith, OT

Do you ever feel your walker limits your mobility? No longer does a walker mean less walking around! Stabilized Steps are changing the way mobility products support individuals who need increased balance while ambulating.

Kiss Allergens and Asthma Symptoms Goodbye with Austin Air HealthMate Purifiers

By Megan Smith, PT

Many people don’t realize how much they need an air filtration system until they use one for the first time. AustinAir Healthmate Purifiers are on the forefront of air purifier products, offering customers a wide variety of items to help maintain clean, breathable air in their homes.

Hydrotherapy Massage: a New Standard in Muscle Tension Relief

By Hulet Smith, OT

A massage using the ProS10 Half Body Hydrotherapy Table is on par with getting a massage while in a private hot tub - soothing, therapeutic, and in a temperature-controlled environment set to provide maximum tension relief, and all without getting wet or undressing!

Strengthen and Tone the Pelvic Floor with Elvie Kegel Tracker

By Megan Smith, PT

For women living with incontinence and a weakened pelvic floor, RehabMart is proud to introduce Elvie, a contemporary product line of female Kegel trackers currently revolutionizing the face of women’s health!


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