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Ribcap Seizure Helmets: Stylish Soft Helmets for Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

By Hulet Smith, OT

When you hear the words "protective headwear", what do you think of? Large, obvious helmet-style hats covered in padding and stiff, dull fabrics? Ribcap Protective Headwear offers users sleek, modern design without sacrificing any protective features. Banish the bulk and embrace the sleek profile and full protection Ribcap has to offer! 

Introducing Edan Diagnostics: Patient Vitals are Easier than Ever

By Mike Price, OT

Patient monitors are used in nearly every professional healthcare setting for a variety of clinical needs. Edan Diagnostics is expanding on this most basic medical device by providing a range of different vital sign monitors that are lightweight, highly accurate, and easy to use. Read on to find out why Edan Diagnostics monitors are now found in over 480 Level Three hospitals across the world.

Total Gym in Physical Therapy? How & Why Does it Work?

By Megan Smith, PT

Total Gym is well-known for being an innovative workout system, but what makes it different? With offerings for a range of different environments and user needs, Total Gym provides exceptional tools for nearly any application. Read on to find out how!

Da Vinci Medical: Innovative Healing Through Light & Vibration

By Hulet Smith, OT

With integrative medicine becoming more and more popular, Da Vinci Medical is a growing name in the industry, delivering innovative tools for full-body vibration and red light therapy. Want to learn more? Check out our full article diving into the different modalities and products Da Vinci has developed to deliver them!

Introducing Ritter by Midmark: The Best Exam Tables in the Biz

By Hulet Smith, OT

Midmark's amazing line of treatment tables and procedure chairs is now available at RehabMart! Read on to learn more about their company philosophy as well as the unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Better Healing, Innovative Tools: Introducing Richmar

By Hulet Smith, OT

Richmar offers some of the best therapeutic tools for healthcare professionals, and now they're available from Rehabmart! Check out all their amazing devices and what makes them unique by reading more!

Special Tools for Special Kids: Smirthwaite is the Best Choice for Schools

By Hulet Smith, OT

Looking for a better way to outfit your classroom or kids space with more inclusive chairs, tables, and other tools? Smirthwaite offers great products designed specifically with special needs kids in mind, while keeping things simple enough to make them easy to use, adjust, and adapt for every day.

One Stairlift, One Fee: Lift, Shipping, and Installation All in One

By Mike Price, OT

Looking for a better solution for conquering stairs while aging in place? Stairlifts are the perfect option, but installation can be so complicated. Not the case with Butler Mobility. Lift, shipping, and installation are all included in one easy price, for the ultimate easy accessibility solution.

Chattanooga Rehabilitation: Gain Traction for Your Practice

By Mike Price, OT

Looking for a reliable supplier of rehabilitation tools, traction tables, and treatment supplies for your practice? Chattanooga is the world's leading manufacturer of innovative rehabilitative tools, offering amazing solutions for both patients and practitioners alike. Want to learn more about some of their product offerings? Read on for how to shop!

The First Truly ADA-Compliant Threshold Ramps: SafePath Products

By Mike Price, OT

SafePath manufactures some of the best threshold ramps on the market, utilizing 100% recycled materials to make durable, weather-proof ramps that are guaranteed to be ADA-compliant. Learn more about how they're revolutionizing the industry, and check out some of these amazing ramps!

Introducing Travel Ramp: Amazing Lightweight Fiberglass Ramps

By Hulet Smith, OT

Fed up with aluminum and steel wheelchair ramps, but feeling like there's no other option? Travel Ramp is the original fiberglass wheelchair ramp, offering lighter weights and easier use in both hot and cold climates for a superior ramp no matter the location. Read more to find out why fiberglass is the best alternative to aluminum and steel!

Introducing Arjo Medical: Reliable Tools for Better Care

By Hulet Smith, OT

Rehabmart is proud to introduce Arjo Medical products to our catalog of high-quality medical tools and equipment. Founded in Sweden and contributing over 60 years of experience to the medical industry, Arjo offers excellence in everything they do. Read more about their story and the great products they produce!

Introducing Rebotec: Better Mobility Devices with Superior European Styling

By Hulet Smith, OT

There are so many different types of mobility tools on the market, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best? Rebotec offers a range of devices that are thoughtfully made with great attention paid to each area of the design. German engineering and European styling combine to provide the best possible product.

Seating Matters! Seating and Positioning Solutions for Every Patient

By Mike Price, OT

Seating Matters is an innovative company started by an Occupational Therapist and her engineer husband who set out to provide an effective seating solution for patients of all types. Frustrated with the limited options available on the market, Martina Tierney began this company as a way to meet the varied functional and clinical requirements of so many patients who were not being accommodated by traditional seating solutions.

Leggero: Making Better Strollers for Special Needs Kids

By Megan Smith, PT

Leggero is a company dedicated to crafting high-quality strollers with exceptionally versatile positioning options that support a wide range of user needs. The lightweight aluminum frames are strong yet foldable, making them the perfect mobility solution to take on the go.

Colours in Motion: Redefining Disability with Custom Wheelchairs

By Hulet Smith, OT

John Box: A Rebel With A Cause At first glance, the name “Spazz” could appear to be a bit of a misnomer - after all, how many times have children with disabilities been called this name, typically in a way that is intentionally meant to offend? Unless, of course, you’re John Box. John takes a very different point of view on this line of thinking. In 1981, a motorcycle accide...

Leckey: Special Needs Seating & Positioning Systems Designed with Compassion

By Megan Smith, PT

Since 1983, James Leckey has looked at the needs of physically challenged children and asked himself how he could create products that are therapeutic, comfortable, and life-enhancing. His brand of seating and positioning systems, called Leckey, consists of products that meet pediatric needs in a compassionate, creative way. 

Therapy You Wear: Make the Benefits of Physical Therapy Last with TheraTogs

By Megan Smith, PT

Physical therapy provides immense benefits that can last a lifetime. But no one can spend unlimited time in their therapist's clinic! TheraTogs products offer a way to keep your progress steady, even as you go about your daily life. With a full range of devices covering everyone from babies to adults, this innovative line can supplement your or your loved one's therapy and help you achieve your goals! 

Newtowne Hyperbarics: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at a Fraction of the Cost of Competitors

By Hulet Smith, OT

In the year 2001, when Marie Foster and her east coast team were first asked to design custom mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers suitable for home use, they knew they couldn’t simply replicate what was already being done - so they pioneered a new approach.  Durable, practical, and incredibly affordable, these locally-made hyperbaric chambers are changing the face of caregiving nationwide! 

Special Tomato: The Story of How a Garden Inspired a Family Brand of Special Needs Products

By Megan Smith, PT

Special Tomato is a family-owned company which designs medical devices for children just like founder Tim Bergeron’s daughter, Carrie. Born out of a desire to provide children with special needs the medical systems which are enjoyable while promoting growth and development, Special Tomato products are defined by comfort and compassion. 

Drive Medical: Durable Medical Equipment for an Independent Life

By Mike Price, OT

Seventeen years can either feel like a lifetime, or pass in the blink of an eye. 

For Drive Medical, seventeen years was all it took to establish and expand a multinational business in standout medical tools and products. 

Roll-A-Ramp: Easily Transportable, Exceptionally Strong

By Hulet Smith, OT

American-made and created with military-grade metals, Roll-A-Ramp equipment rolls up like a sleeping bag while boasting an immense weight-to-capacity ratio: each eight-foot ramp weighs around 41 pounds, but will support up to 1,000 pounds!

Danmar Protective Helmets: Preventing Head Injury for Children with Special Needs

By Hulet Smith, OT

Finding the right special needs helmet can be overwhelming; but with a 50-year history of consistently providing assistive equipment specifically designed to reduce the risk of head injuries, Danmar products are the solution to your dilemma! 

Healthcare International: Fitness for Every Age and Skill Level

By Megan Smith, PT

Since 1992, the folks at Healthcare International have made it their mission to provide high-quality, commercial-grade exercise equipment that’s affordable and user-friendly! Healthcare International has designed their line of exercise equipment with a range of user experience in mind, optimizing workouts to individual’s needs and catering to every fitness level.

Vipamat Wheelchairs: Expanding Horizons for Individuals with Limited Mobility

By Megan Smith, PT

Headquartered in France and distributing worldwide, Vipamat’s products include the Hippocampe Beach and All-Terrain Wheelchair and the Pool Access Wheelchair - two revolutionary transportation tools created to enhance the lives of limited mobility individuals. 

Harmar Mobility: Reclaim Your Independence in the Home You Love

By Hulet Smith, OT

Together with RehabMart, Harmar offers a variety of product options for a number of common mobility needs. From vehicle lifts compatible with nearly any type of car model to vertical and incline wheelchair platform lifts, Harmar has the solution you need. 


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