Free2Go Rollator: Reduce Social Isolation with the First Portable Bathroom Commode

Bringing portable safety to public bathrooms

Lesli Wang, president and founder of Free2Go, was inspired to create the Free2Go Rollator the day she realised her mom was no longer able to use public bathrooms safely.

Her mother, along in years, had been using an assistive toilet product anytime she needed to use the restroom in her own home. But using a restroom away from the home? That was a different story - and one story individuals with limited mobility face on a daily basis when using the bathroom in public.

For persons with limited range of motion, lowering oneself onto a toilet seat without stabilizing assistance can quickly become a dangerous act. As bodies begin to change due to age, one of the most noticeable differences is a loss of upper body strength. And because traditional toilets aren’t manufactured with balancing handrails, many persons who require additional support turn to toilet safety frames to ensure falling does not occur

The only downside to traditional toilet rails? They aren’t portable.

Lesli observed the lack of portable assistive toilet tools, and over the course of several years, pioneered a product that was part rolling walker, part bathroom commode.

Using her mother as her inspiration and sounding board, Lesli innovated the Free2Go Rollator - the first commode to bring mobility and safety to individuals requiring assistance using the toilet outside their homes. 

What is the Free2Go Rollator?

The Free2Go Rollator is part upright rolling walker, part bathroom commode. Discreetly hiding a toilet seat beneath the walker’s fold-down padded cushion, the Free2Go Rollator combines the elements of an assistive mobility device with the portability of a toilet rail.

To operate, users simply roll the walker over any toilet seat, engage locking brakes, and flip up the cushion to reveal the commode. When finished, users clean the commode with a sanitizing wipe, and return the walker’s cushion to a lowered position. 

Reducing social isolation and promoting independence

Because most standard commodes are only suitable for in-home use, individuals with limited mobility may find themselves hesitant to leave their homes for longer than a few hours at at time. If an assistive toilet rail or commode is necessary for a person to safely use the bathroom, the lack of a portable tool could be enough to influence a person into remaining at home rather than risk going out. 

This lifestyle issue can easily lead to reduction in social activities, which isolates the individual and may lead to a chipping away of personal confidence. 

Because the Free2Go Rollator is both an assistive walking device as well as a commode, users have the option to spend substantial time outside the home without worrying about personal safety while using the restroom.

What makes the Free2Go Rollator different from other commodes?

While traditional commodes provide users with a sturdy, supportive bathroom tool, their inability to be transported limits them to in-house use only.

This standard model is ideal for many individuals, and even owners of the Free2Go Rollator may desire to also have a semi-permanent bathroom commode for frequent daily use. 

However, a mobile option is greatly beneficial for any person who wants the security and physical comfort of a commode while they are away from their place of residence. 

At first glance, the Free2Go Rollator simply looks like an elegant walker. The commode is discreet and undetectable beneath the walker’s fold-down seat cushion - only the user will know it’s there. 

In addition to its unassuming design, the Rollator combines two highly functional assistive tools into one portable option, making it the perfect choice for individuals needing both a walker and a portable alternative to standard assistive commodes.

What Free2Go Rollator Users are saying

  • "I have a muscle-wasting disease that prevents me from being able to sit on standard height toilet seats. The height added by this rollator combined with the option of mobility has been life-changing for me." - user review

  • "The Free2Go Rollator is both a creative and practical solution to a common problem. Having been in the home medical equipment industry for many years, I find this product to be the perfect option to give patients their freedom back." - user review

Click here to learn more about the amazing Free2Go Rollator and begin restoring confidence in your social activities today!


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