Safe Patient Handling: Better with Arjo Transfer Tools

Caregivers in every setting are always looking for a better way to care for their patients.

As a global market leader in the development and manufacture of medical solutions for people living with mobility and age-related health challenges, Arjo is transforming the clinical and home healthcare industries with their innovative products.

With end users that include public and private acute and long-term care institutions along with home healthcare professionals, Arjo designs a comprehensive range of devices and equipment for medical, rehab, and therapy applications.

Everything they do, they do with people in mind. And not just for the patients themselves, but for their caregivers as well.

Combining their own expertise with real-world input from healthcare professionals around the world, Arjo’s products deliver exceptional performance, functionality, and safety for all their users.

Assistive Equipment Reduces Injury Risks

Arjo’s patient handling solutions facilitate ergonomic and secure transfers for patients and their caregivers in hospitals, care facilities, and home healthcare.

The variety of transfer options they offer ensures the right solution for every unique level of mobility assistance required.

When people experience difficulties with mobility, using the right transfer devices can prevent a world of hurt, for both the patient and the caregiver.

Moving from a supine position to a seated one, and from a seated position to a standing one, are two of the most common movements people need assistance with on a daily basis. For recovering patients and those confined to bed, lateral transfers and repositioning within the bed also require a great deal of support.

Attempts to complete these maneuvers without assistive equipment often result in injuries, and that includes injuries to both the patient and their caregiver whether they’re a healthcare provider or a family caregiver.

However, making use of the right kinds of equipment can help reduce the risk of injuries and falls, and increases comfort, dignity, and security for everyone involved. 

Amazing Transfer Solutions From Arjo

Arjo prides themselves on creating functional, ergonomic solutions for people who need support, whether in a busy hospital or in their own home. Because of this, they’ve designed patient transfer devices that assist users in any and every situation they may encounter. Check out some of our favorites. 

Sara Stedy Patient Transfer Aid by Arjo

Promoting independence, mobility, and dignity, the Sara Stedy Patient Transfer Aid by Arjo can be used for a wide range of patients and their varied mobility needs. It enables comfortable, ergonomic transition from a seated to a standing position and vice versa. 

Encouraging users to utilize their functional ability, this non-powered transfer aid is operated by a single caregiver. It is ideal for people who need some mobility assistance, but still retain some ability to contribute to the movement required.

The innovative Sara Stedy highlights multiple features that set it above the rest, including a pivoting seat with built-in handgrips, comfortable knee support, pedal-operated chassis legs, and total-lock casters for stationary security.

The ergonomic crossbar handle enables more comfortable pulling support for the patient, and the ergonomic caregiver handle facilitates intuitive, easy-to-use operation. It accommodates a generous working load of up to 400 pounds, serving most patients safely.

It also doubles as an exercise or therapy adjunct, further inspiring users to keep moving, resulting in better functional movement retainment. 

Sara 3000 Power Patient Transfer Lift by Arjo

Ergonomically designed with both the patient and caregiver in mind, the Sara 3000 Power Patient Transfer Lift by Arjo includes all of Arjo’s latest improvements for a standing and raising aid.

Operated by a single caregiver, this unique transfer device delivers both sit-to-stand assistance and standing exercise for the patient.

Completely powered in every function, the Sara 3000 accommodates a safe working load of up to 440 pounds, and helps patients move from a seated to a standing position.

With its large handles that allow various grips, buckle-style straps on the shin panels for reinforcement and safety, and an active knee-pad with individual leg support for comfort, the Sara 3000 transfer aid delivers remarkable sit-to-stand transfer support for users retaining some weight-bearing ability.

It includes a choice of slings, and can be selected with an integrated scale, which makes it much easier to weigh patients who have mobility impairments. 

MaxiSlides Low Friction Transfer and Repositioning Sheets

Arjo’s MaxiSlides Low Friction Transfer and Repositioning Sheets are designed to meet the needs and challenges of hospitals, long-term care facilities, home healthcare, and residential care by providing a safe, easy solution for lateral repositioning and transfer.

Available in both washable and disposable, single-use styles, these low-friction sheets enable easier lateral transfers and simpler patient repositioning in bed for reduced patient and caregiver injuries and better pressure management.

Specially formulated to reduce shear, the MaxiSlides, MaxiSlide Flites, and MaxiOnce sheets are soft and comfortable, easily gliding over sheets and mattresses. They’re fitted with handles to provide more control for the caregivers, and also include pull-straps for easier floor or lateral transfer tasks.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of varying forms and sizes to perfectly suit every transfer.

Maxi Air Assisted Lateral Transfer System by Arjo

Providing a unique solution to the many dangers associated with lateral transfers, the Maxi Air Assisted Lateral Transfer System by Arjo creates a pleasant floating sensation for the patient, resulting in a gentle and safe transfer for everyone involved.

Utilizing single-use mattresses to enhance infection control, air flows through the perforated underside of the inflatable mattress, minimizing shear forces and friction.

Ideal for patients who are extensively confined to bed, the Maxi Air can accommodate working loads up to 1,200 pounds.

Its integrated head cushion adds to the comfort, and buckle-like straps keep the patient safely confined within the mattress.

Minimal push and pull force is required on the part of the caregivers, enhancing their safety and preventing static and dynamic overload injuries. The mattress and air hose are also radiolucent/MRI safe.

Seba Supine to Seated Edge of Bed Positioning Aid by Arjo

Providing assistance for one of the most performed positioning transfers, the Seba Supine to Seated Edge of Bed Positioning Aid by Arjo helps prevent injuries for both caregivers and patients when moving from a laying to a seated position.

The Seba won the Red Dot Award in 2015, an international design competition recognizing the best achievements in product design, communication design, and design concepts, thanks to its innovative design and revolutionary ability to assist patients and caregivers in any setting.

Supine-to-seated-edge-of-bed (SSEB) positioning is an essential task that caregivers perform multiple times a day. It can often cause dynamic or static overload injuries for carers, and strain injuries for patients, when assistive devices are not used.

The Seba enables these positioning transfers to be performed in one simple motion, ensuring safe working posture and removing up to 80 percent of the lift load.

A single caregiver can easily perform these transfers quickly and efficiently with the Seba. Its innovative configuration can be used on either side of the bed, helping to keep the patient’s spine straight throughout the lifting process, while it also keeps the caregiver in the correct, ergonomic position to avoid overload injuries. 


Safe patient handling is a major concern for large hospitals and family caregivers alike, and transfer devices are a huge part of how people are managing this area.

When used correctly, patient transfer and handling tools reduce the risk of injuries for both the patient and the caregiver, and help make every maneuver safe, comfortable, and easy.

Arjo offers a comprehensive range of transfer products to facilitate safe function and performance. Used in hospitals, long-term care, home healthcare, and by family caregivers, the superior quality patient handling equipment from Arjo is always designed with people in mind.

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