Purchase Terms & Conditions Policies: Return, Lead Time, Restocking, Pricing & Prescription Policy

Freight Inspection Insurance Policy

The standard Rehabmart return window is 30 days unless otherwise published and the standard restocking fee is 30% unless otherwise published. However, there are many return and restocking exceptions listed below. Additionally, all Rehabmart Policies including the Pricing Error Policy, Order Cancellation Policy, Damaged Merchandise Policy, Prescription Policy and other General Policies are listed here, section by section, on our official policy notifications page.

Summarized Rehabmart Return Policy Found At Shopping Cart/Order Checkout:

I agree that upon placing my Rehabmart order and checking this confirmation box, I am accepting the terms & conditions of the Rehabmart Return Policy, Shipping Policy, Order Cancellation Policy, Prescription Policy, Product Restocking Fees Policy and all other Rehabmart policies found online at I understand that there is a restocking fee for many items, and that cross-contamination laws prevent the return of all bodily worn items. Some medical devices are non-returnable and are clearly marked as so on the product end page. I understand that I am responsible for emailing the Rehabmart Returns Team at to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return shipping instructions. If there is no response from Rehabmart after 2 business days, there is a chance that your email was trapped in a SPAM filter, so please make sure to call Rehabmart Returns at 1-800-827-8283 to verify receipt of your Return Authorization email request. Furthermore, I understand that the cost of shipping an item back to the distribution warehouse is my responsibility and that all returned items must be received in new, resalable condition. Click here to view all Rehabmart Policies

Order Cancellation Policy:
All orders, which are canceled by the customer, will incur warehousing vendor restocking fees. When the customer places an order with Rehabmart, often it ships the same day from the warehouse and within hours of the order being placed. If the customer calls to cancel an order, but your goods are already in transit, then a restocking fee along with all inbound/outbound shipping charges will apply. This is necessary because the item has already been manufactured, picked, packed, and has left the warehouse on a delivery vehicle.

Orders which ship via LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight cannot be cancelled after the item has departed the warehouse. Please allow us to explain the complexities and high costs of shipping freight over-the-land across vast distances within the Unites States of America. Freight companies charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars to ship an LTL item one way on freight trucks. Therefore, attempting to cancel an order shipped via overland freight after the item has left the warehouse on a truck is not possible without incurring significant freight charges, redirection return fees, and warehouse restocking fees. Rehabmart Policy informs that the customer shall assume full responsibility for all inbound/outbound Freight Fees plus Warehouse Product Restocking Fees for any items shipping via LTL/Freight which are canceled by the customer. When you agree to the purchasing and shipping of a freight item on the website, you are agreeing to this policy when you tick the policies agreement tickbox during the shopping cart checkout process.

Just in Time Manufacturing Cancellation Policy:
Just in Time Manufacturing products are custom manufactured per customer specifications. All custom orders which are in the production cycle at the manufacturing facility cannot be canceled. For example, when you order a custom medical furniture item, your chosen specifications, your chosen options, your fabric choice and your color choices are all unique to your individual needs.

Damaged Merchandise Return Policy:
When you receive Rehabmart merchandise from the shipping company, please examine it carefully. If you receive a damaged box, examine the contents immediately and refuse delivery if the merchandise is damaged. If, after accepting/signing for a product, you discover damaged merchandise, please call 1-800-827-8283 within 48 hours to report the damage and initiate the return authorization request. Failure to report shipping damages within 48 hours of product delivery will result in Rehabmart not being able to replace, return, or refund your damaged goods. The freight company normally requires the customer to sign a document which verifies goods were delivered in acceptable, undamaged condition. Please take photos and document your products' shipping damage thoroughly, as this will allow Rehabmart, the manufacturer or distributor to file an insurance claim with the freight/logistics shipping provider to initiate reimbursement for your freight-damaged item. If the insurance claim is denied because the customer signs the proof of delivery, as being clean, with no exceptions and without notating any damage, please be aware that the freight company will typically deny such claims. If the insurance claim is denied by the freight carrier, then the customer shall be responsible for the full purchase price of the damaged product and the replacement product. Again, we want to reiterate that you should never sign a proof of delivery form, without first documenting any damage that is present both to the exterior product packaging and/or to the product itself. The product replacement process begins with Rehabmart obtaining, then issuing you (the Customer), a Return Authorization Tracking Number and a specific return shipping address. The return shipping address varies. We have warehouses all over the country. Most manufacturers issue return-call-tags, but some may not. Please wait for return instructions which we will send out via email. If you are issued a damaged-goods call tag, and the warehouse subsequently discovers that item is not damaged or defective, you will be charged for the call tag plus any applicable restocking fees. Occasionally, a manufacturer will make minor changes to a product shown online at;  Rehabmart is not responsible for minor manufacturing / manufacturer design changes that may occur with a product. Rehabmart is not responsible for variations in color that may exist in certain products as each web-browser is unique and will display colors on the spectrum with a slight degree of uniqueness.

Disposing of Damaged Merchandise Policy:
There are instances when the manufacturer or product vendor will review images and information surrounding freight-damaged merchandise. While the manufacturer may repair or replace merchandise which is damaged during shipping, they may or may not authorize the return of the damaged merchandise. This decision is made at the sole discretion of the manufacturer, vendor, or freight-carrier and is not something that Rehabmart has control over. If the manufacturer, vendor or freight-carrier does not authorize the return of the damaged merchandise, the customer may discard, dispose, donate, or up-cycle the damaged merchandise as they see fit. Rehabmart does not reimburse customers for any costs associated with discarding, disposing, donating, or up-cycling the damaged merchandise. Please do not discard, dispose of, donate, or up-cycle any damaged merchandise until you have been instructed to do so, because the freight-damage claim process may require up to 120 days to achieve final resolution. During the investigation and settlement phase of the freight claim, the damaged merchandise must remain in the possession of the customer/consignee.

Freight Inspection Insurance Policy:

Sometimes during freight transit, concealed product damage occurs. To protect your purchase, it's important to follow these rules:

Take these steps BEFORE you sign:

  1. Inspect: Open or uncrate your item(s), and check for concealed damage. Make sure the item(s) you received are what you ordered.
  2. Document: Using an ink pen, document any damages directly on the "Delivery Ticket".

When you sign the paper at the end of the delivery, you are legally signing a "Release of Liability Waiver", meaning that you have inspected your order at the time of delivery to ensure there is no damage. Please DO NOT SIGN any delivery forms presented by the delivery provider until you have thoroughly inspected your products and packaging.

If you decide to sign and receive the product, you must document any product damage on the "Delivery Ticket". Your written documentation on the "Delivery Ticket" should explain any damages, defects, rips, tears, or missing parts. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with any excessive shipping damages, you have the right to refuse delivery and request that the freight company return the shipment.

Please be advised that if you choose to not take these steps (inspect and document), your insurance policy is voided.

Explaining the "Legalese": The fine print on freight "Delivery Tickets" states that everything is received in perfect condition. If you sign the "Delivery Ticket" without first inspecting the package and its contents, there will be no way to sucessfully file an insurance claim with the freight provider. If you notice concealed damage later but you did not inspect and document at the time of delivery, then the burden of the product replacement or any repair fees are your responsibility. Thank you for making sure we can protect your investment for you by taking these steps.

Lost/Misplaced Items Policy:
If a shipping or freight company reports an item as being lost, frequently this means that the item has been misplaced as it is moving across a complex supply chain which is impacted by global pandemics and other geopolitical factors. If the customer receives communication from a freight/shipping provider that the item is lost or misplaced, the customer should contact Rehabmart immediately. Rehabmart will then file a Tracking Claim to locate the misplaced/undelivered items. Normally, we can locate the item within 72 hours and achieve resolution. If the item is deemed to be permanently lost, we will work with the warehouse to have the product expediently replaced and delivered to the customer.

Non-Damaged Merchandise Return Policy:
Products cannot be returned if they have been used, soiled, or if the packaging is destroyed.  The product must be in new, resalable condition.  

Please check merchandise when received and report any missing merchandise to Rehabmart within 48 business hours. Failure to report shipping/packaging errors within 48 hours of product delivery will result in Rehabmart not being able to replace your missing goods.  All returned products require a Return Authorization Number (RA#).  Please confirm that your RA# is clearly marked on the outside of the box. Returned product boxes, absent an RA#, will be refused by the warehouse and returned to the sender.

Non-Refundable Outbound Shipping Charges
Outbound shipping and freight charges are non-refundable. This includes the Rehabmart $9 flat rate shipping fee and any additional freight charges which may apply to your Rehabmart order.

Return Instructions:
If you decide you need to return an item that meets the criteria for return, we are happy to assist you through the return authorization process. You are responsible for all return shipping costs except for when goods arrive damaged, in which case Rehabmart will file an insurance claim with the shipping provider (ex: UPS, FedEx, or US Mail). You will need to obtain a Return Authorization number from us. You will then need to ship your products back to a warehouse address that we have provided. It's really a simple process. Please use the following steps to help us take care of you!

  1. To receive your Return Authorization number, please send an e-mail to or give us a call at (800) 827-8283. Be prepared to tell us:
        A.  Your Order Number (found in the email invoice confirmation) 
        B.  Name of the Product and Quantity you would like to return
    We will honor your return so long as the date of your e-mail or call is within 30 days of the date of your purchase.  Unless we sent you the wrong merchandise, you will be responsible for return shipping charges. There are a few items which are non-returnable secondary to federal law and vendor restrictions.  See the specific non-returnable item list below. 
  2. Upon receipt of your e-mail or speaking with you, we'll promptly issue a Return Authorization number and the shipping address of the vendor or manufacturer warehouse. The return shipping address does vary with each product, so be sure to follow our email instructions which will provide the exact warehouse address. If customer incorrectly returns merchandise to an incorrect warehouse address (because return address delivery instructions were ignored), then the customer will be responsible for charges associated with rerouting the package to its assigned inventory warehouse location. Remember to email us
  3. We cannot accept any package without a Return Authorization number on the outside label of the package!  
  4. For your protection, return the merchandise via a traceable form of shipping (UPS, FedEx, USPS with Delivery Confirmation, etc.) in new,resalable condition; containing all of the manufacturers' original packaging, accessories, warranties, instruction manuals, etc. As a precaution, you may want to purchase shipping insurance, because we are not responsible for product damages incurred during a product's shipment return to the warehouse. 
  5. Items returned used, damaged, or in non-resalable condition will not be refunded or replaced. 
  6. Once the product has been received by the Rehabmart vendor or manufacturer warehouse, we will credit your bankcard/credit card, minus any applicable re-stocking fees. Please allow approximately four to six weeks for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.
  7. There are return policy exceptions which apply to the sale of the items listed below. Please see the section listed below to read about return policy exceptions. Other exceptions are listed beside individual product descriptions on the product's respective product end web page. 

Exchange Policy:
Due to our complex network of warehouses, Rehabmart does not allow for direct product exchanges.
The Rehabmart Exchange process requires that we follow these 4 steps:
1. The customer must place a new order for the new size, new color, or replacement item that is desired.
2. Email:  to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return shipping address for the product you would like to return. The return address varies, so please wait for instructions before shipping the item back to one of our designated warehouses.
3. After receiving your RA# and a warehouse shipping address, you must then mail or ship your return-item back to the designated return warehouse.
4. After the returned item has been received and processed by the designated return warehouse, your credit card will then be credited (minus any applicable restocking fees).

Restocking Fees - General Information:
Rehabmart (RM) restocking fees and our 30% restocking policy was established with a goal of achieving alignment with our 3rd party warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing partners. The restocking fee policy is published in plain site and we honestly communicate our restocking fees prior to checkout. All RM customers are pre-notified and must acknowledge via opt-in tick-box, agreeing to the restocking fee policy at the time of shopping-cart checkout. RM does not sell many commoditized items - we sell unique, hard to source medical devices. The held quantities are low and this makes the distribution, logistics, warehousing, stocking, and fulfillment more complicated and expensive as compared to a traditional online seller. The restocking fee percentage was not established to gouge any customer or person. In fact, RM incurs operational losses with each and every restocking. RM pays 3rd party warehouse restocking fees, call tag fees, financial reversal fees, and we pay teams of associates to manage the entire process. Whenever a customer reaches out to our Customer Care Team, our internal RM Team strives to work with each customer using patience and empathy to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. Bottom line, we request that you contact us first, prior to contacting a 3rd party complaint website. If you do so, an RM associate will do his/her best to work with you to reach a fair, amicable resolution. RM's goal is to achieve goodwill with each customer's return experience.

Special Vendor Restocking Fees:
Access-Able, Fabrication Enterprises, Invacare Corporation, Sunrise Medical Corporation, Healthcraft Corporation and others listed below charge Rehabmart an exceptional re-stocking fee on all items. Rehabmart could not stay in business and serve it's customers if it were to incur exceptional losses with re-stocking fees. This is why we must pass these restocking fees along to our customers.

Package and Parcel Delivery Refusal Policy:
After placing the Rehabmart order, if the customer refuses delivery of a package or if the package is returned as undeliverable to the delivery address the customer provided, then the customer will be responsible for refusal shipping charges, return shipping charges, and product restocking fees of up to 50%, unless the item was non-returnable. Non-returnable items that are refused by the customer, at the time of delivery, will not be refunded. Please ensure that you understand how the ordered item(s) will be delivered and make arrangements to receive the order when it arrives at the ship to address that is provided with the Rehabmart order. This policy applies to all Rehabmart orders and is applicable to both freight deliveries and standard ground deliveries.

Unauthorized Product Returns:
Unauthorized Returns are essentially products which are returned to a Rehabmart Distribution Facility/Partner without a Return Authorization (RA) number. Unauthorized Product Returns are very costly because the product may not be returnable or acceptable by the distribution partner, the product may have been sent to an incorrect distribution center location, or the referenced product may be outside of its allowable return time-frame window. In light of these factors, it is Rehabmart policy to not issue a refund for unauthorized product returns. Again, unauthorized product returns are non-refundable. Please contact Rehabmart to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number, prior to mailing a product back to a service center location. Rehabmart reserves the right to refuse delivery of product(s) which do not have a Return Authorization (RA) number clearly listed on the outside of the package.

The Following Manufacturers/Vendors have a less than 30-day Return Window

  • Karman Healthcare (KHI) - 15 Day Return Window
  • Meditrac (MTR) - 15 Day Return Window
  • RibCap (RIB) - 15 Day Return Window (for items which are returnable)

Higher Restocking Fees are in place for these specific Manufacturers/Vendors:

  • Aqua Swivel (AQS) - Restocking Fee is 35%
  • Clinton Industries (CLI) - Restocking Fee is 35% if the product is returnable - Most Clinton products are custom order furniture items and are therefore; non-returnable.
  • Fabrication Enterprises Inc (FEI) - Restocking Fee is 35%. It may take up to 45 business days for an FEI credit to be processed.
  • Graham-Field (GF) - Restocking Fee is 35%
  • Hausmann Industries (HAU) - Restocking Fee is 35% if the product is returnable - Most Hausmann products are custom-order-items and are therefore; non-returnable.
  • Medline (ML) - Restocking Fee is 50% for all Medline products.
  • Whitehall Manufacturing (WHL) - Restocking Fee is 35% if the product is returnable - Most Whitehall Manufacutruing products are custom-order-items and are therefore; non-returnable.
  • Winco (WIN) - Restocking Fee is 40% if the product is returnable - Most Winco products are custom-order-items and are therefore; non-returnable.

Non-Returnable Items Policy:

After a non-returnable product has departed the warehouse, the item cannot be returned.

Items Under $25 Are Non-Returnable:
Rehabmart does not accept returns on items that cost less than $25. For example, a 27" reacher costs $16.95 on the website. This item falls beneath the $25 online price threshold, so the 'reacher' is non-returnable. We have implemented this No Return policy on low-price items because it simply costs the customer, the manufacturing distributor and the company too much to accept returns on under $25 items.

Custom Built Products are Non-Returnable:
Custom built items using the "Just in Time" manufacturing process are non-returnable. Custom Manufacturing and Just in Time Manufacturing is designed to keep your costs lower. However, with these cost savings, the resulting policy requires that all custom built products be non-returnable.

Products manufactured by these Vendors are Non-Returnable:

  • Accessibility Professionals (ACC) will not accept product returns.
  • Access-Able (AA) does not accept returns, due to (AA) products being hygiene oriented single patient use products.
  • Intensive Therapeutics Inc (ITI) does not accept returns. This would include shipments where the customer chooses wrong location or shipping address, or if the wrong product is ordered, processed, and delivered .
  • jFit (JFT) does not accept any product returns.
  • HealthPedal (HEP) does not accept any product returns.
  • LIFE Corporation (LFC) does not accept any product returns.
  • Medline (ML) has a non-returnable policy on certain items. These items are marked as non-returnable on the Medline Product SKU page
  • MJM International (MJM) does not accept any product returns.
  • MOBB Health Care (MOB) does not accept any product returns.
  • Precision Medical (PM) does not accept returns after the product package has been opened.
  • RCAI - Restorative Care of America (RC) will not accept returns if the package has been opened.
  • Responsive Respiratory (RRI) does not accept any product returns.
  • Skil-Care (SKC) does not accept returns, due to the products being hygiene oriented single patient use products.
  • Trionic (TNC) does not accept returns on any items.

Product Categories that are Non-Returnable:

  • Accessories/Parts/Replacement-Parts - (cannot be returned - special order item).
  • Custom Ordered Ramps - (cannot be returned - special order item).
  • Anything open, used, or tried-on - (cannot be returned)
  • Cross-Contamination Law is enforced for hygiene products / toileting products / bathroom products / body braces / foam cushions / wheelchair cushions / stockings / splints. Products that come in contact with the human body cannot be returned as they are single-use patient items.
  • Bed Mattresses, Low Air Loss & Alternating Pressure Mattresses - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • CPAP machines / BIPAP machines - (cannot be returned)
  • Custom Wheelchairs - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Custom Strollers - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Hospital Beds - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Hoyer Lifts - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Lift Chairs - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Overlay Mattresses - (cannot be returned - due to hygiene laws)
  • Oxygen Concentrators - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Patient Lifts - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Raised Toilet Seats and Commodes - (cannot be returned - due to hygiene laws)
  • Shower Chairs and Bath Seats - (cannot be returned - due to hygiene laws)
  • Scooters - (cannot be returned - special order item)
  • Body-Solid Products are non-returnable. If you receive damaged items, they will be replaced by the manufacturer: Body Solid. Items covered by warranty will be repaired by a qualified service technician. Service appointments will be coordinated by Body Solid and Rehabmart.
  • Clinical furniture items are non-returnable as they are special order products.
  • Hausmann furniture items are non-returnable as they are special order products.
  • ICC (Invacare Continuing Care Group) furniture items are non-returnable as they are custom built per customers specifications.
  • IPU items are non-returnable as they are custom built per customers specifications.
  • MJM items are non-returnable as they are custom built.

Hygiene Products are Non-Returnable:
Hygiene products which relate to personal hygiene and self care are non-returnable.   Hygiene products, toileting products, bathroom products, body braces, foam cushions, wheelchair cushions, medicine preparation products, stockings, splints and products that come in contact with the body; cannot be returned - they are single use patient items.  No hygiene product can be returned if the package has been opened per Public Health Policy and per Rehabmart Policy.  Additionally, our distribution partner, Sammons Preston does not accept returns on any medical hygiene product whether the package is opened or not.  Performance Health hygiene products which are non-returnable are indicated as non-returnable on the product-end-web-page at the time of purchase.   Rehabmart will make every effort to provide detailed descriptions and disclaimers regarding the return policy for each hygiene product that we offer in the product description box.

Worn Items are Non-Returnable:
Additionally, cannot accept returns on any product that has been worn on a human body.  Items such as hand splints, heel protectors, stockings, neoprene wraps, foam cushions, and bed-overlay mattresses are single-use patient items and cannot be returned because of state and federal laws preventing such.

For all product return request's, the customer has 30 days from the delivery date, to contact RehabMart will then contact the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair the damaged or defective product in one of three ways: 

  1. The manufacturer may send you out a replacement part to repair the malfunction.
  2. The manufacturer may send out a service technician to assist in the repair.
  3. The manufacturer may issue a return authorization number and have the product returned to the factory.

Lift chairs and scooters are special order items. Lift Chairs, scooters, and Hospital Beds cannot be returned just because they do not match the customer's satisfaction (i.e. color). They may only be repaired or returned at the manufacturers discretion. All written product warranties will be honored by the product manufacturer. 

Ramp Policy for Custom Ramp Design and Build Configurations:
Custom Built Ramps are non-returnable. Custom Built Ramps often incorporate platforms, turns, and rise over run height and pitch calculations which tend to be complex. Custom Ramps are designed by engineers who use length, width, and dimensional data that is provided by the Rehabmart Customer. Ramps normally ship via overland freight transfer trucks and are very expensive to move around the country. While our engineers make every effort to quote all the pieces that may be needed for ramp installation, it is common for an assembly person to discover during the installation process, an additional component or part that is needed to complete the final ramp assembly. During these instances, our Quotes Team will work with the customer and the Manufacturer's Ramp Engineer to source additional parts. After the additional parts are identified, the Rehabmart Quotes Department will send out an Additional Parts Quote to the Rehabmart Customer.

Prescription Items Policy:
Certain items sold on the Rehabmart site require a Physician's prescription. If a product is marked as prescription required, then the customer is required to email or fax the Physician's prescription prior to product shipment. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Medical Clinics are generally exempt from such requirements. Licensed healthcare facilities can purchase most prescription items up front, and the prescription would then be required when the prescription item is being delivered or administered to a patient. Prior to purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator, it is advised that you meet with your doctor and discuss your condition. If he/she deems it appropriate, your doctor may prescribe oxygen therapy. During instances, such as with the sale of an Oxygen Concentrator, Rehabmart is acting as the selling agent, and the prescription requirement is ultimately the responsibility of the patient; specifically, when and if the patient is using oxygen for medical purposes.

Vendors Who Will Not Ship to International Destinations:

  • Altimate Medical: No Sales to Canada
  • Drive Medical: No Sales to Canada
  • North Coast Medical: No Sales to Canada
  • Rifton: US Sales Only
  • Theratogs: US Sales Only

International Orders Cannot Be Returned:
International orders which are paid via wire-transfer payment or certified bank check payment cannot be returned. All sales are final with respect to International orders.  We have a 30 day return policy on domestic (US) orders, but this is not possible with International orders.  Rehabmart purchases shipping insurance on all international orders to cover shipping damages which may occur to products during international shipment.  If your product is damaged, notify us upon arrival of the product.  We will file an insurance claim with the shipping vendor so that the damaged product(s) can be replaced.  If a product is returned as unclaimed on an international shipment; shipping fees and product restocking fees will apply.  International customers are responsible for customs, taxes, and levies which may be assessed by the local government upon importation of the product into the customers respective country.

FedEx CrossBorder International Orders Cannot Be Returned:
FedEx CrossBorder is our third party international logistics partner. FedEx CrossBorder allows verified international customers to use their personal credit cards at checkout within the dedicated FedEx CrossBorder international shopping cart. Additionally, FedEx CrossBorder allows their customers to aggregate packages from multiple e-commerce companies located in the USA. Due to the complexity surrounding international tariffs, taxes, duties, customs, clearing, and logistics, FedEx CrossBorder policy dictates that FedEx CrossBorder International Orders cannot be returned. Per Rehabmart policy and FedEx CrossBorder policy, all sales are final with respect to FedEx CrossBorder International Orders. When international customers checkout via the FedEx CrossBorder international shopping cart, FedEx CrossBorder becomes the merchant, not Rehabmart. Our company, Rehabmart, LLC adheres to a standard 30-day return policy on domestic (USA) orders, however this is not possible with international orders due to the aforementioned complexity. FedEx CrossBorder provides shipping insurance on all international FedEx CrossBorder orders to cover shipping damages which may occur to products during international shipment. If your product is damaged, notify FedEx CrossBorder upon arrival of the product. FedEx CrossBorder will file an insurance claim so that the damaged product(s) can be replaced.  Click here for FedEx CrossBorder's complete Legal and Policy info

Rehabmart Parts Replacement Policy:
Rehabmart reserves the right to refer the customer to the actual product manufacturer when replacement parts are needed. Rehabmart will provide its customers with manufacturer contact information and when directed by Rehabmart to do so, the customer will need to speak directly with the product manufacturer in order to obtain replacement parts that were mistakenly omitted from a shipment, damaged during shipment, or to replace parts that malfunction while covered by a manufacturers warranty.

Installation Policy:
Rehabmart is working to build the first national installation network of licensed and insured professional medical device installation technician's. After the customer submits and purchases a product installation order, our Rehabmart Install-Pro Coordinators work tirelessly to schedule your installation with up to five different parties. This service is all about custom manufacturing, logistics, planning and coordination. As a result of this complexity, expense, and the significant coordination investments made on your behalf, Rehabmart has adopted the policy that Returns and Installation Cancellations are prohibited after the customer has chosen to purchase the Custom Installation Service. Product Installations cannot be canceled after the custom manufacturing process has been initiated and logistical planning with the Installation Contractor has begun. This entire process normally begins shortly after you order has been placed.

If during the installation process it is discovered that a manufacturers' warranty claim needs to be filed due to a non-working or malfunctioning part or component, it is the Customer's responsibility to contact the Manufacturer's Warranty Support Department and coordinate the filing of a warranty claim or warranty repair with the Product Manufacturer.

Manufacturer's Warranty Policy:
Rehabmart supports its customers by offering to provide manufacturer contact information for warranty claims with the product manufacturer. Customers should complete the mail-in the warranty support card (if provided) on each manufacturer-warrantied product purchase. Rehabmart is happy to assist customers with manufacturer contact information including the manufacturer's warranty support telephone number.

There are certain manufacturers who require Rehabmart to serve as the liaison between the Customer and the Manufacturer when a Manufacturer's Warranty Claim is filed.

Rehabmart is designated as the Warranty Support Interfacing Agent for the following manufacturers: Airos Medical, Bestcare, and Handicare.

If you purchased a product from one of the preceding manufacturers, please contact the Rehabmart Returns & Warrant Support Team. To initiate a warranty claim, email and include your order number, serial number and lot number of the product needing warrantied service. A warranty ticket will be created for your reference and records. Customers should complete the mail-in the warranty support card (if provided) on each manufacturer-warrantied product purchase.

The product manufacturer may require the customer to ship the product back to their specific Distribution Facility for the product to be evaluated. The customer/claimant is required to pay for return shipping and any technician service fees if this is required by the Manufacturer's Warranty Policy. Depending on circumstances of the specific case, the manufacturer may decide to troubleshoot the product via customer/claimant interaction using phone or video call support. If the item is deemed to be defective by the manufacturer within the warrantable period, the product manufacturer will then decide whether to repair, replace, or refurbish the warrantied item. Often, the Manufacturer will choose to ship out replacement parts if they deem a specific part to be defective. However, this does not include the cost of a technician service visit which may be necessary to install the warrantied part. If you choose to hire a technician to install the warrantied replacement part(s), any service fees associated with the service visit are the responsibility of the customer/claimant.

If Assembly/Installation was purchased at checkout our contract with the third party Assembly Company requires the technician to assemble the product with specificity, step by step, per the manufacturer's instructions. The technician is required to demonstrate a fully functioning and operational product before leaving the job site. The customer is asked to sign the work order confirming a fully functioning and normally operating device. However, if you discover operational issues shortly after the departure of the Assembly Technician, this could indicate that specific part(s) could be defective. If so, this will likely be covered by the Manufacturers' Warranty. Please contact a Rehabmart Assembly Team Coordinator to alert us of the issue and we will create a Warranty Claim Case ID between the customer/claimant and the manufacturer to notify the manufacturer of the potential warranty issue.

Disclaimer Regarding Website Errors & SKU Pricing Errors:
We make every effort to ensure that descriptions, dimensions, pictures and prices are accurately presented within our database. Should a pricing error arise we will make every attempt to promptly inform the customer.  When applicable, Rehabmart will promptly refund your transaction if a pricing error has occurred. However, Rehabmart reserves the right to supply or not to supply a product.  If a quote is sent out with a substantial database pricing error, Rehabmart reserves the right to modify the quote and/or refuse to honor the quote in these rare circumstances. Products may vary slightly in design and/or color from the illustrations due to upgrades, modifications, and new version releases that are common with medical devices.  Bottom line: unless product functionality is directly impacted, a refund will not be given. Prices on the Rehabmart site are subject to change without notice.

Returns Contact Info:

Email:  to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#).
Rehabmart Phone#: 1-800-827-8283

Products ordered and then refused by a customer at their address or returned without contacting Rehabmart for a Return Authorization Number will incur an automatic 50% re-stocking fee; unless you have been authorized by Rehabmart customer service to refuse delivery of the product.

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