Top 5 Best Threshold Ramps - [Updated for 2021]

Helping to prevent trips and falls for people with limited mobility, threshold ramps provide a slightly inclined platform to assist wheeled mobility devices to cross over raised landings, rough or uneven surfaces, small steps, and doorway thresholds. They make a world of difference for seniors aging in place at home, patients recovering at home after a hospital stay, along with people of all ages living with either temporary or permanent disabilities.

The Top 5 Best Threshold Ramps

The Top 5:

TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate by EZ Access Ramps5) TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate by EZ Access Ramps

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Rubber Threshold Entry Ramp by National Ramp4) Rubber Threshold Entry Ramp by National Ramp

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TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access Ramps3) TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access Ramps

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TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp by EZ Access Ramps2) TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp by EZ Access Ramps

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National Ramp Aluminum Threshold Journey1) National Ramp Aluminum Threshold Journey

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#5 TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate by EZ Access Ramps


We placed the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate by EZ Access Ramps in the 5th position in our review for its high-strength, non-corroding aluminum construction and three different sizes to suit a variety of user needs. Accommodating a generous 700-pound weight capacity, this angled entry plate can safely hold the user and their mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters.

It can also be utilized for safer walking for people who use canes, crutches, walkers, and rollators, reducing the risk of trips and falls. No installation is required, and you just simply place the angled plate wherever you need it to create a safer transition for people living with mobility impairments. These plates are very lightweight, making them perfect for taking along wherever you need a threshold ramp. Pre-drilled slots and included hardware give users the option for more permanent placement.

This portable, stand-alone threshold plate from EZ Access Ramps highlights an applied, slip-resistant surface, optimizing traction in all directions and in all conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its 3 different size options come in various lengths that all have a 32-inch width and accommodate thresholds up to 2 inches high.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, fast, and portable one-step placement for instant support
  • 3 different size options to fit thresholds up to 2 inches high
  • Non-corroding high-strength aluminum construction for indoor/outdoor use
  • Applied, textured slip and trip-resistant surface for all-direction traction

Customer Feedback


  • A great choice for both wheelchair/scooter users and those who ambulate using walkers and canes for support
  • Non-slip surface helps to prevent tripping and keeps the mobility equipment from sliding, even in harsh outdoor weather, such as rain and snow
  • Much more affordable option than remodeling uneven flooring
  • Sturdy, solid, and stable, works wonderfully with large mobility chairs and bariatric users


  • Some users said this threshold plate was too narrow for their needs
  • One customer reported that this plate did not offer enough height for the rise they required

#4 Rubber Threshold Entry Ramp by National Ramp


Taking the 4th spot on our list with its exceptionally durable and 100-percent recyclable rubber construction, the Rubber Threshold Entry Ramp by National Ramp delivers long-lasting performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in four different sizes to accommodate threshold heights ranging from a ½ inch to 2”, this 36-inch wide entry ramp doesn’t require any fasteners or adhesives - just set it over the rise and you’re good to go!

As part of the popular Celebration series of ramps from National Ramp, this rubber ramp is so strong and resilient, it highlights an unlimited weight capacity, making it perfect for bariatric users along with heavy mobility equipment. As an added bonus, its rubber formulation won’t scratch or damage floors, either. 

Lightweight and easy to transport for threshold support you can use wherever you roam, this Celebration threshold ramp’s sleek and modern design complements any decor. A wide variety of ramp accessories are available, enabling you to customize this ramp to meet your special requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Rubber construction for exceptional strength and durability
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions
  • Won’t damage flooring and doesn’t require adhesive/fastener installation
  • Lightweight for easy portability and placement

Customer Feedback


  • Dependable, sturdy support enhances safety over uneven flooring and low rises
  • Practically indestructible - incredibly durable construction and easy to maintain
  • Easy and convenient to take with you when you go on vacation or travel
  • Ramp stays in place for beneficial support you can always rely on


  • Will not work with threshold-rise heights over 2 inches
  • Might be too wide for some doorways

#3 TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access Ramps


Constructed from recycled rubber, the eco-friendly TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access Ramps grabs 3rd place in our review with its sturdy seam-free surface. Its beveled edges deliver an attractive, finished aesthetic while they also allow cross-traffic access from any direction. Three color choices enable further customization to match your decor beautifully. Convenient and versatile, this angled threshold mat from EZ Access Ramps withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in 1 ½-inch and 2 ½-inch heights, this mat’s gentle incline eliminates troublesome door threshold lips, but won’t interfere with standard access. It can simply be placed over the rise, providing smooth, ground-to-sill transition. It’s also easy to remove for portability. For more permanent installation, anchoring hardware is included to secure the mat to the floor.

The design of this mat makes it easy to trim in width and height to suit your needs perfectly, accommodating every threshold type and size with a 2 ½-inch rise or lower. Its integrated textured surface ensures a no-slip tread for both walking and mobility devices, with a weight capacity of 850 pounds.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly durable and eco-friendly recycled rubber construction
  • Beveled edges enable cross-traffic access from every direction
  • Simple, no-installation, stay-in-place positioning
  • Trimmable in height and width for an optimal fit

Customer Feedback


  • Overwhelmingly rated with 5 stars - very popular threshold mat
  • Well made and stays in place, durable and dependable
  • Perfect fit and height with its ability to be trimmed
  • Customers often end up buying several of these mats for different thresholds once they use them for one threshold


  • Heavier than some threshold ramps and users with disabilities or weakness may need help moving or transporting them (The 1 ½-inch size weighs 14 lbs and the 2 ½-inch size weighs 31 lbs)
  • One user thought it was a little steeper than expected, but it still worked fine

#2 TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp by EZ Access Ramps


The versatile, adjustable, and modular design of the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp by EZ Access Ramps wins it the 2nd position in our review. Its 7 different size options are 34 inches wide and enable transitional access for thresholds up to 6 inches in height, while its modular design and hidden hinge enable mixing and matching of its interlocking segments for perfect accommodation. A pivoting flap attaches to the top of the ramp, adding ¼ inch of adjustability.

The self-contained, high-strength aluminum construction of this EZ Access Ramp will not corrode or rust, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor threshold needs. It’s easy to use without any installation by simply placing it over the rise, or it can be used for more permanent applications with its included hardware and pre-drilled slots. A series of graduated horizontal supports on the underside of the ramp add structural integrity and stability, and this modular ramp will accommodate a weight capacity of 700 pounds. 

Extruded ribbing on the surface of this ramp optimizes traction in both directions to prevent slips, trips, and falls, keeping users safe and their mobility equipment on the track. Ranging from 3 lbs to 20 lbs in weight, the lightweight, self-contained modular segments are easy to move and transport, so you can take this ramp wherever you go.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular mix and match design with interlocking segments for a perfect fit
  • Seven different height options with graduated horizontal supports
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy portability and placement
  • Weather-resistant for both indoor/outdoor use

Customer Feedback


  • Most users commented that this ramp was exactly what they needed - modular design makes it easy to customize to meet your unique requirements
  • Perfect for higher rises and provides a gentle slope that’s good for walking on as well as for mobility devices like scooters
  • Excellent fit and functionality works better than expected
  • Strong, durable, very sturdy, and stable, holds up well in outdoor applications


  • Some users did not order the right size and/or enough segments to accommodate higher rises and the slope angle was too high for safe access
  • This ramp may not be compatible with brick thresholds, especially if you want to screw it in for more permanent installation
  • A few users had some challenges in locking the segments together

#1 National Ramp Aluminum Threshold Journey


The convenience of both fixed height and adjustable height options along with its ADA compliance make the National Ramp Aluminum Threshold Journey our number 1 choice for the best threshold ramp. Accommodating weight up to 1,000 pounds, this ramp comes in either 36-inch or 48-inch widths, easily supporting large, bulky scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, and bariatric users. It’s also a good choice for transporting heavy equipment or appliances.

Also known as step ramps, this Journey series by National Ramp is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum that won’t rust or corrode, providing years of dependable, durable performance for both indoor and outdoor thresholds. Offering 8 different fixed-height sizes and 4 different adjustable-height sizes, this ramp can cover rises ranging from ½ inch to 6 inches in height. Its ridged, non-slip surface optimizes traction, even when it’s wet.

The Journey threshold ramp is simple to install with its included screws, while it’s also easy to uninstall to take along for portable support wherever you need it. To further customize the ramps’ use to meet your needs, a wide variety of accessories are available, such as transition plates to facilitate the smoothest progression between the ramp and the floor. This threshold ramp is ADA compliant when it is installed and used correctly, adding peace of mind for users living with disabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple fixed heights and adjustable height options
  • Ample 36-inch and 48-inch widths
  • ADA-compliant when installed and used correctly
  • Heavy-duty, non-corroding aluminum construction supports 1,000 pounds

Customer Feedback


  • Simple to install and adjust
  • Strong and durable, very stable, and doesn’t shake or wobble
  • Unobtrusive, sleek, and modern design matches well with any indoor/outdoor decor
  • Exceeded expectations, excellent quality
  • Adjustable size can be used for short, low-height stairs


  • Some users ordered ramp sizes that were too small because they didn’t measure the threshold space correctly 
  • One user suggested purchasing the anti-slip mat accessory to put underneath the ramp to keep it from sliding or moving

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Threshold Ramp

When even the slightest ½ inch rise can be a major obstruction for a wheeled mobility device or a user with limited mobility, installing a threshold ramp provides a convenient, simple solution to enhance safety and access. A ramp for doorway entry, small steps, uneven flooring, and other small rises provides a cost-effective and often easy-to-install remedy that can be used at home, at work, and wherever you may need it.

Available in a wide array of styles, designs, and sizes, choosing the best threshold ramp to meet your needs requires an understanding of the different features available:

Material Construction

The best threshold ramps are usually constructed with aluminum or rubber. Aluminum ramps are typically the lightest in weight and are made with non-corrosive types of aluminum that won’t rust, making them a good choice for outdoor use. Heavy-duty rubber ramps are usually heavier, but they can accommodate huge weight loads and are generally simple to maintain.


We can’t overemphasize enough how important it is to measure the rise you intend to use the threshold ramp for - this is the most common mistake people make when they purchase a ramp. Threshold ramps come in multiple size options in order to suit a wide range of user needs and can typically range from ½ inch to 6 inches in height to provide an angled slope that’s maneuverable by users and/or their mobility chairs. You can also learn more about specific ADA guidelines for threshold slope compliance here


Some threshold ramps are adjustable, enabling a range of height to fit your needs, while others may be modular, with segments that are interchangeable and lock together for customized support. Fixed options offer just one height, but can come in several size choices to accommodate your needs.


Especially important for outdoor use when the threshold ramp is exposed to all kinds of weather like snow and rain, look for ramps that have built-in or added tread to their surfaces. This helps optimize traction to prevent user falls and keep the mobility device from sliding off the ramp. 

Weight Capacity

While most quality threshold ramps are designed to accommodate pretty large weight capacities, it’s important to determine the user’s weight along with the weight of their mobility device to ensure the weight capacity of a ramp can safely hold this total weight. Rubber ramps generally offer the highest weight capacity, while strong aluminum ramps can often accommodate weights of at least 700 pounds. 


What is a threshold ramp?

A threshold ramp is a sturdy, inclined platform that is placed over small rises, such as doorways, uneven flooring, raised landings, small steps, and more. It provides a low, gradual, and smooth incline for users with mobility impairments to walk across or ride over with a wheelchair, power chair, or scooter, enhancing safety and access.

How do you measure for a threshold ramp?

There are three critical dimensions required to ensure you choose the right size threshold ramp for your purposes. First, measure the threshold’s rise in inches from the top of the door’s threshold to the walking surface, measuring each end of the threshold to see if there’s a variation in height at the corners. If there is, you’ll probably need to select an adjustable ramp that can accommodate the slight variance.

Next, measure the door or entry’s width. While standard threshold ramps generally come in widths of 32 and 36 inches, there are some designs that are smaller or larger to fit a variety of widths. The last measurement to determine is how far the ramp needs to extend from the door or entryway. The higher the rise, the longer the ramp will need to be. For small rises that measure an inch of rise or less, you’ll typically only need about a foot or so of ramp space. For higher rises, you may require several feet of space to ensure a gradual, safe ramp incline. 

What type of threshold ramp do I need?

Figuring out what type of threshold ramp you need is dependent on where you’ll be using it, your weight and the weight of your mobility device, and if you need portable or permanent installation. If you need the ramp for outdoor use, be sure it’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Be sure the ramp can safely accommodate your weight along with the weight of the mobility equipment, and if you need a ramp you can use in multiple locations, choose a portable style.

How do I install a threshold ramp?

Just about all threshold ramps are simple to install, with self-contained ramps only needing to be placed over the rise. Some ramps, like adjustable types and ramp plate designs, often require the ramp to be secured with screws or adhesives. They may come with pre-drilled holes and the included hardware to make installation an easier process.

What is the best ramp for a patio door?

Patio doors and sliding glass doors usually have a raised u-channel that keeps the movable part of the door in place horizontally as it slides along a raised center rail. To help reduce the inherent trip and fall risk of this design, beveled or rounded threshold ramps on both sides of the door are a great solution, as are rubber door jamb threshold ramps.


Threshold ramps deliver a smooth transition through doorways and over small inclines, steps, and uneven flooring for people of all ages living with either temporary or permanent mobility challenges. Whether you use a walker, wheelchair, rollator, or mobility scooter, threshold ramps help to prevent slips and falls, providing safer access for both riding and walking. 

We researched the best threshold ramps available in today’s marketplace, factoring in ease of installation, durability, ease of use, functional features, and the feedback from the actual real-life users of these ramps to determine our five best choices.

We chose the National Ramp Aluminum Threshold Journey as our number one pick for the best threshold ramp. Its ADA compliance, ample 1,000-pound weight capacity, and its wide selection of both fixed and adjustable height options make this indoor/outdoor threshold ramp an ideal choice for most users.

We invite you to look through our comprehensive wheelchair ramp catalog to find all the ramps you require for both residential and commercial accessibility. You can also check out our vast Caregiver University educational resource to learn more about support, tips, and tools for the job of living. 


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