The 5 Best Gait Trainers

Gait trainers serve a pivotal role in aiding the mobility and stability of their users as they learn, assist, or rehabilitate their walking abilities. In function, gait trainers provide their users support, stability, and proper postural alignment in order to facilitate assisted movement.

Gait trainers assist a wide variety of movement-impaired patients, including those suffering from cerebral palsy and spina bifida as well as those rehabilitating their movement following traumatic injuries. 

Top 5 Best Gait Trainers Summary 

The Top 5:

R82 Crocodile Walker Gait Trainer5) R82 Crocodile Walker Gait Trainer

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KidWalk I Dynamic Mobility System4) KidWalk I Dynamic Mobility System

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Grillo Anterior Special Needs Gait Trainer - 4 Sizes3) Grillo Anterior Special Needs Gait Trainer - 4 Sizes

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Pediatric LiteGait Mobility Frame LG 752) Pediatric LiteGait Mobility Frame LG 75

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Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers in Medium and Large1) Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers in Medium and Large

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Gait Trainers Adapt to the User’s Requirements

Offered in a multitude of formats, most gait trainers can be custom fitted to the specific needs of their user. Posterior framing, anterior framing, and full framing options are available with most of the gait trainers in this list, as these options are possibly the most important in customizing a gait trainer to the patient’s needs. The direction of the gait trainer’s framing is typically chosen based on where the largest amount of support is needed for a patient, as each gait trainer user has specific needs and directions in which support is most required. 

Gait trainers can further be specialized for the size of the patient in general, as options range from child-sized gait trainers to extra-large gait trainers for the tallest of adults. The options of sizing are far reaching, however this top five gait trainers article will focus primarily on the top five pediatric-sized gait trainers available. 

While all of the gait trainers available from Rehabmart are high-quality, reliable products, this top five list will focus specifically on the top five customer-rated pediatric focused gait trainers available from Rehabmart. 

With these specifications, each of the following gait trainers were ranked amongst the top five as seen below! 

5. Snug Seat Crocodile Gait Trainer

Ranked fifth in this top five list, the Snug Seat Crocodile Gait Trainer is perhaps one of the more cost-effective, dynamic options in gait trainers for pediatric patients. The cost-effective nature comes about thanks to the pairing of its adaptability and its price, which is lower than many other gait trainers on the market. 

Similar to many of the other gait trainers seen on this list, the Snug Seat Crocodile is offered with a large list of customization options, which allow customers to hand-tailor the gait trainer to their exacting specifications. However, as the majority of the positive customer reviews for this product indicate, Snug Seat steps ahead of most other gait trainers by providing notably more customization options than most products while maintaining a relatively low price.

The most important customization offered in the Snug Seat Crocodile Gait Trainer is likely its sizing options. The gait trainer comes in sizes 1, 2, and 3—1 being the smallest sized trainer and 3 being the largest. These sizes are meant to count up as the pediatric patient gets older. Snug Seat recommends size 1 for children between 2 and 9 years of age, size 2 for children ages 6 to 15, and size 3 for ages 7 and up. The sizes intentionally overlap in age groups, as not all children grow at the same rate.

Other customization options offered with the Snug Seat Crocodile include forearm supports in two styles, wrist cuffs, pelvic support girdles in three styles, hip supports, anti-tipping devices, and much more. Customers have frequently cited this broad set of customization options as well as the three sizes for growing up with the Snug Seat Crocodile as the biggest boons of this gait trainer.

Features and Benefits

  • The aforementioned customization options that accompany the Snug Seat Crocodile are likely its greatest benefit, as they allow customers to hand-tailor their gait trainer to their specific needs.

  • Offered in three sizes, the Snug Seat Crocodile is intended to serve as a gait trainer for children ages 2 to 18. By offering sizes that grow with the user, Snug Seat prevents any difficulty in transitioning to a new gait trainer, as the next size function and acts in the exact way that the patient is familiar. 

  • Again thanks to the three size options, the Snug Seat Crocodile can bear up to 66, 99, and 172 pounds on sizes 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

  • The Crocodile gait trainer comes equipped with adjustable width and handle height, allowing the product even further ability to grow with the user.


  • The Snug Seat Crocodile gait trainer is very cost-effective.

  • It has numerous customizable options which gives the patient a sense, that the trainer was designed just for them.

  • The Gait trainer's fold and lock mechanism allows for easy folding, safe storage and since the Crocodile is offered in three sizes, patients can easily acclimatize to the next-size-up Crocodile gait trainer model. 


  • The handles may become loose after long-term use and the manufacuting company.

  • Although they do sell spare parts, is not overtly helpful with repairing a broken gait trainer or loose screw. 

4. KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System

The KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System bears many similarities to the Snug Seat Crocodile—a variety of customization options being the chief common ground between the two. However, KidWalk takes the number four position on this list thanks to its ability to expand upon certain features while also applying special touches for the satisfaction of the gait trainer’s user. 

Also similar to the Snug Seat Crocodile, the KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System has two sizes: KidWalk I and KidWalk II.

As was the case before, the sizes are arranged in a way that allows users to grow from size I to size II. This prevents any difficulty in transitioning between gait trainers, as the user is already familiar with the movement and functionality from the earlier model.

KidWalk I is intended for ages 1 through 7 and can bear up to 65 pounds while the KidWalk II is intended for ages 5 through 12 and can bear up to 90 pounds. 

One of the most addressed features seen in positive customer feedback regarding the KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System is its coloring options. This gait trainer boasts a variety of color options as an additional customization option purely for the enjoyment of the children who use it. The options include Razzberry, Shocker Green, Candy Red, Candy Blue, Black, Candy Orange, and Candy Purple. 

The color is in no way the only customization option included with the KidWalk, however. The gait trainer comes with four options in hip support configuration, two options in hip support flip up brackets, and four options in lateral chest positioning systems. 

Another of the KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System’s most complimented features in customer feedback is its allowance for the user to interact with their surroundings more than in other gait trainers. This is thanks to the KidWalk’s posturing, which offers users the ability to reach their surroundings—an ability not afforded by all gait trainers. 

Features and Benefits

  • The multiple hardware customization options available are joined by a wide variety of coloring options, which is an added touch for the children using the gait trainer that is not seen in all products. 

  • Offered in two sizes—KidWalk I and KidWalk II—this gait trainer allows its users the ability to grow with the product. This prevents any confusion or difficult learning periods with a new product when the time comes to upgrade to a larger model. 

  • The position of the user within the gait trainer offers a larger field of interaction to reach his/her surroundings.


  • The variety of color options is much larger than most other gait trainers.

  • Multiple options in size and positioning are available, which let customers match the trainer to their needs.

  • The gait trainer offers users more ability to reach their surroundings, such as opening drawers and cabinets.

  • Moving up in size prevents patients from needing to acclimatize to a new gait trainer.


  • The gait trainer is one of the more expensive options.

  • The product is meant for ages 1 through 12 and can bear a maximum of 90 pounds. 

3. Grillo Super Complete Special Needs Gait Trainer

Produced by Innovation in Motion, the Grillo Super Complete Special Needs Gait Trainer (often called the Grillo, for short) continues the trend seen thus far in this top five list of expanding upon the options seen in other products.

The Grillo’s most noteworthy feature is its expansive range of sizes, ranging from 1 through 5. Similar to the first two gait trainers featured in this list, the multiple sizes are intended to grow with the user of the gait trainer in order to avoid confusion or difficulty in the process of switching to a new trainer. The Grillo expands on this concept considerably, as their sizes are intended to not only grow with a child from early development through adolescence, but also well into their adult life. 

Capable of bearing up to 88 pounds in its smallest model, the Grillo Super Complete Special Needs Gait Trainer weight capacity moves up to as high as 242 pounds in its adult-sized model. This range in weight capacity between sizes of the Grillo is drastically larger than that of many other gait trainers, and it is one of the most frequently commented-upon topics seen in customer reviews. 

The Grillo is uniquely designed to provide the increased weight capacity seen in the larger models without excessive additional weight in the trainer itself. This is made evident in the total gait trainer weight increasing by only 5 pounds from sizes 1 and 2 to 3 and 4—moving from 34 pounds to 39 pounds. 

The Grillo also boasts a massive list of customization options topped by only one other gait trainer in this top five. The wide variety of customization options include all of the following: horizontal bars, hand grips, anterior handle bars, multi-axis hardware, arm supports, pedal parking brakes, abduction saddles, folding seats, and lumbar supports.

However, chief amongst all of the aforementioned customization options is the choice of anterior or posterior positioning of the gait trainer. While most gait trainers are designed for one of either anterior or posterior positioning, the Grillo allows customers the ability to choose which positioning they feel they require most.

Features and Benefits

  • The Grillo’s multiple size options give users the ability to grow and develop with the Grillo, as it is capable of assisting users from early childhood well into their adult lives. 

  • The Grillo is capable of dynamic raising and lowering movement, which allows users the ability to sit and stand without exiting the gait trainer. 

  • The previously mentioned wide variety of customization options is one of the largest seen in this top five list, and it is a feature of the Grillo that is mentioned in some of its most positive reviews. 

  • The Grillo can be ordered for anterior or posterior positioning—an option that is not seen in most gait trainers.


  • The Grillo offers the option of anterior and posterior positioning, which is not available in all gait trainers.

  • The Grillo has one of the widest ranges of sizing options on the gait trainer market.

  • The gait trainer's bending supports allow for movement between sitting and standing positions.

  • Moving up in size prevents patients from needing to acclimatize to a new gait trainer.


  • The gait trainer is one of the most expensive options, but it is worth the cost.

  • There are no coloring options for the Grillo.

2. LiteGait Mobility Frames

As the gait trainer that allows the most interactive ability with the user’s surroundings, Mobility Research’s LiteGait Mobility Frames find themselves in the number two spot of this top five gait trainers list. 

Thanks in large part to their design, which makes use of an overhead two-point crane device to extend the user away from the support hardware of the frame, the LiteGait frames are easily one of the most dynamic gait trainers in terms of the interaction they allow with the user’s surroundings. 

By extending the user away from the support hardware, the frame allows for a wider space to move in as well as an open plane of space for physical interaction (when aligned in the posterior support positioning).

While some other gait trainers—such as the previously covered Grillo, for example—offer differing models for anterior or posterior positioning of the gait trainer, the LiteGait Mobility frames are designed to enable users to switch between anterior and posterior positioning by simply swapping the clasping points of the harness. This unique capability plays a large part in the frames’ dynamic usage and is very frequently applauded in customer reviews.  

As is the case with many gait trainers, the LiteGait Mobility Frames come in multiple sizes: Walkable 75, Walkable 100, and LG 100MX. These models are capable of bearing 75, 100, and 100 pounds, respectively. The LG 100MX also includes a larger lift area for the patient.

Where other gait trainers offer customization options independent of the trainer itself, the LiteGait frames include all of their attachments with the product. These features include a Pediatric iHarness, Q-Straps for pelvic positioning and support, an Antiscissoring Bar that prevents limb crossover during ambulation, and a crawling harness for use in crawling therapy. 

Features and Benefits

  • The LiteGait frame’s overhead, two-point crane holds the user away from the supporting hardware, enabling him/her a wide field of interaction with his/her surroundings.

  • The LiteGait’s three sizes accommodate for pediatric users of various sizes and ambulation abilities. 

  • Providing a wide area of movement for the user, the LiteGait frame is ideal for users that perform crawling therapy, ball-balance therapy, and various other physical therapies for ambulation and balance.

  • By switching the attachments of the harness, the LiteGait frames provide both anterior and posterior positioning, which further expands the user’s field of interaction.


  • The LiteGait Mobility Frames are able to switch between anterior and posterior posting easily.

  • The overhead, two-point crane lets the user enjoy far more freedom of movement and interaction.

  • This gait trainer is ideal for patients who undergo physical therapy to assist their ambulation.


  • The gait trainer is one of the most expensive options, but it is worth the cost.

  • There are no coloring options for the LiteGait frames.

1. Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer

Earning the distinction of number one gait trainer on this top five list is the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer. This trainer is referred to in many customer reviews as a perfect combination of quality, cost-effectiveness, customization, and utility. In short, the Rifton Pacer makes use of the advantages seen in the previously listed gait trainers and expands upon those advantages. 

The first—and perhaps most noticeable—advantage of the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer is its massive selection of customization options. This gait trainer carries with it 17 distinct categories of customization that range from frame format and base structure (including odometer options) to arm, chest, and thigh prompts. Some of the unique customization options available with the Rifton Pacer include communication trays, tote bags, and interchangeable bases for treadmill use or utility. 

Making use of an advantage seen in the KidWalk Mobility System, the Rifton Pacer also includes multiple coloring options for the satisfaction of the gait trainer’s user. The coloring options are red, blue, gray, lime green, and pink. These coloring options and the many utility customizations available in this gait trainer are of the most praised features of the product in customer reviews. 

Joining its expansive palate of customization options, the Rifton Pacer is also one of the most cost-effective gait trainer options. This cost-effectiveness stems from the trainer’s customization, as customers are able to include only the utilities that meet their needs (as opposed to purchasing all of the options as a package). 

One possibly overlooked advantage of the Rifton Pacer is its dynamic casters, which have separate features for swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet controls. While it may seem to be a small feature, these casters allow users to adjust both the Pacer’s speed and its directional allowances. Each of the features of the casters can be applied for distinct comfort and safety purposes. 

Continuing the trend of expanding upon the advantages seen in other gait trainers, the Rifton Pacer also bears five total sizes: the K509 mini, K501 small, K502 medium, K503 large, and the K504 extra-large. These sizes offer users the previously explained ability to have their gait trainer grow and develop with them, as the weight capacity reaches from 50 pounds in the mini to 275 pounds in the extra-large. 

Features and Benefits

  • Customers attribute some of their highest praise to the Rifton Pacer’s massive catalog of customization options, which allow users to hand-tailor their gait trainer to their exacting specifications. 

  • The Rifton Pacer is equipped with innovative casters with separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet control features that assist the smooth ambulation of the user while also keeping him/her safe. 

  • The frames of sizes medium through extra-large are easily foldable for storage and transportation, while sizes mini and small are both small enough that they do not require folding capabilities to fit into tight spaces. 

  • The Rifton Pacer’s five sizes span a weight capacity of 50 pounds at the lowest to 275 pounds at the highest. This progression in size enables users to grow and develop with the same gait trainer model, which eliminates the difficulty of transitioning to a new trainer.


  • The Rifton Pacer has one of the largest selections of customization options available.

  • The Rifton Pacer has one of the widest ranges of sizing options on the gait trainer market.

  • The Rifton Pacer is extremely easy to transport and adjust.

  • The customization options of the Rifton Pacer help to make it very cost-effective.

  • Moving up in size prevents patients from needing to acclimatize to a new gait trainer.

  • This gait trainer has a large selection of coloring options that allow the user to apply some of their personal preferences to the trainer.


  • The casters' features are very useful, but can be a little bit difficult to figure out at first.

Gait Trainer Buying Guide

The Rifton Pacer claims the number one rank in this top five list for the simple fact that it combines the individual advantages seen in all of the other listed gait trainers into one product. First and foremost, the Rifton Pacer offers the largest selection of customization options of any gait trainer on this list by a large margin. The Rifton Pacer’s 17 categories of customization are considerably more than those provided by the competition. Even smaller perks such as coloring options are put to use with the Rifton Pacer, as it offers five different colors for customers to choose from.

The Rifton Pacer also uses the advantage of cost-effectiveness that was seen in models such as the Snug Seat Crocodile. This cost-effectiveness is enhanced through the aforementioned customization options, which prevent customers for paying for options that they do not need. 

Another advantage enhanced by the Rifton Pacer is the wide variety of sizes. Similar to the Grillo and the KidWalk Mobility System, the Rifton Pacer offers multiple sizing options for users to choose from. However, the Rifton Pacer expands upon this advantage by offering five models that reach from early childhood all the way into adulthood, preventing users from struggling to acclimatize to a new trainer when the time comes to move up in size. 

The Rifton Pacer also provides unique features of its own design to further enhance its claim to the number one spot. This product offers its own innovations with specialized folding capabilities for storage, various base options for utility and stability purposes, and multifunctional casters that provide the ability to adjust the trainer’s directional movement and speed.

The combination of advantages and product innovation offered in this product easily earn the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer the number one spot by customers on this top five list.

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