The 5 Best Hearing Impaired Alert Devices

Hearing impaired alert devices, also known as assistive technology for the deaf, and alerting systems or signaling systems, notify people who are hearing impaired that something is happening, something that they would not otherwise notice because of their inability to hear.  

Best Overall Choice:

Krown KA300 Alert System1) Krown KA300 Alert SystemView Price

The Top 5:

Central Alert System Receiver and Clock5) Central Alert System Receiver and ClockView Price
Bellman Visit Alert Systems4) Bellman Visit Alert SystemsView Price
Clarity AlertMaster Door, Phone, and Clock Alert Device3) Clarity AlertMaster Door, Phone, and Clock Alert DeviceView Price
Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200 Wireless Doorbell and Telephone Transmitter2) Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200 Wireless Doorbell and Telephone TransmitterView Price
Krown KA300 Alert System1) Krown KA300 Alert SystemView Price

What, exactly, does a hearing alert system do? 

Signaling systems notify hearing-impaired or deaf people when regular household events occur, like a ringing telephone, a crying baby, an alarm clock, if a door or window opens, or when a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector goes off.   

How do hearing impaired signaling systems work?

Alert systems are sophisticated equipment; they use loud tones in low or high registers, flashing lights and vibrations, with varying levels of sensitivity, to pick up sounds and send a signal to you.  Depending on the complexity of the equipment, some systems can be set to notify you, using precise programmable warnings, for each different alert.  

Who uses hearing alert systems?

The National Institute on Deafness and Communications Disorders reports that 10% of people age 20 to 59 have permanent hearing damage and 50% of folks over 60 years old have hearing impairment.  

The causation of the impairments varies; some people experience hearing loss because of environmental conditions, like rock concerts, machinery and workplace noises.  Some people have genetic disorders or predispositions to hearing loss – others have illnesses that rob them of their hearing.  

Alerting systems for hearing impaired people have evolved as technology has advanced. With the advent of comprehensive alerting systems, many people who are deaf or hearing-impaired are now in a position to live alone or with moderate assistance.     

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, more than one million people over the age of five years old are functionally deaf – with millions more suffering from different levels of hearing loss.  The signaling systems provide the aid necessary for independence.  They feature auditory, visual and vibrotactile messaging.  

These systems allow peace of mind, safety and enhanced communication for people who are deaf or hearing-impaired but really want to maintain their self-reliance.  It is no longer as risky for people who cannot hear to live alone, or at least with minimal assistance.  

Alert systems provide:

  • Auditory signals that become increasingly louder, amplifying noise from alarm clocks, baby monitors or telephones.

  • Visual signals, like strobe or flashing lights for notification of telephone calls or smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  

  • Vibrotactile signals, a device that vibrates when you are seated or in bed.  These devices can also be attached to the person, on a belt or lanyard.  

  • Weather alerts generally employ all three types of notification – visual, auditory and vibration.  

Our Top 5 Hearing Impaired Alert Devices and Systems will evaluate the features and benefits, cost, usefulness and customer reviews of more than 100 excellent diminished hearing capacity alert systems, providing you with the information that you need to make the best choice for yourself and your family! 

5. Central Alert System Receiver and Clock

As reviewed, our number five alert system includes the Central Alert System Reciever and Clock, Smoke Alarm Transmitter, Baby Cry Transmitter, Door Knock Sensor, NOAA Weather Transmitter, SOS Transmitter, Doorbell Transmitter, Battery Pack and Hanging Door Knock Transmitter.  There are nine components to this signaling system.  

This assistive technology for the deaf and hearing impaired includes signals that cover virtually any occurrence that might negatively impact a person with severe hearing loss.   Many of the components require little to no installation – yet each element of the system works in conjunction with the other parts to provide constant protection and notification.

This system was very well reviewed by customers who have varying degrees of hearing loss.  Many certified users are virtually deaf – and these devices consistently earned five stars.  A customer who is deaf and travels frequently for work said that she brings different parts of the system with her.  She highly recommends the entire Central Alert System, she said that it is very sensitive and brings her great peace of mind.

Smoke alarms are imperative safety equipment, but hearing impaired and deaf people cannot depend on the simple ringing of a standard alarm. The Central Alert smoke alarm and carbon monoxide sensors are an integral part of this system.  They are simple to install and will work when hardwired into your smoke alarm, or connect wirelessly when placed next to your detectors. They provide both visual, tactile and auditory warnings for your safety, in case of an emergency.  

The entire system can function via AA batteries or hardwiring into your electrical network.  It is also available with an external battery backup.  The backup provides you with an extra layer of security; in case your batteries fail and your power goes out, you will still have the comfort of knowing that your alarm system will alert you to the arrival of visitors – or a dangerous fire.   

Features and Benefits

  • Alert connects alarm clock, doorbell, door knocks, phone and fax, audio and visual alarm, weather, motion and personal paging
  • Different components are easily combinable
  • Large alert icons
  • Pitch and frequency adjustable

Customer Feedback

There are more than 1200 positive reviews for the Central Alert System. Customers say that living with hearing loss is very difficult and they need a system that they can trust in order to remain independent.  They trust this system.   

A hearing-impaired customer attends college and also works.  He said that he is exhausted most of the time and quite often, he is late for both school and work.  Central Alert is the only system that he found that will rouse him – no matter how tired he is.  He appreciates the feature that allows him to change the register of the alarm, as he hears higher pitch much better than lower.  He said his alarm sounds like a fire truck – which he cannot ignore – and vibrates him out of the bed, no matter how tired he is.   

A certified user said that her favorite part of this system is the adjustable audio and bright flashing lights.  She said that she no longer has to try and sleep with her hearing aids in, which is uncomfortable.  She said the Central Alert system will signal and awaken her even without her hearing aids.


  • Battery back-up 
  • Display is bright, adjustable
  • One-year warranty


  • When combined, the Central Alert System is more expensive than other signaling systems in our Top 5
  • Components must be purchased separately; however, they are all designed to work together for your safety

4. Bellman Visit Alert System

Like all of the alert systems in our Top 5, the Bellman Visit Alert System is inclusive and provides for a wide range of visual, auditory and tactile notifications.  This exceptional signaling system comes with three wireless components that let you know when your doorbell or telephone sound.  

The Bellman works with a compact pager, that you carry with you, which transmits flashing lights and vibrates to let you know when someone is trying to contact you.  

The system is color coded – orange for a crying baby, green for a doorbell, yellow for a ringing telephone.  The smoke alarm and carbon monoxide sensors are sold separately, but for the purposes of our Top 5 Review, are included as an integral part of the system.  The entire alert system works wirelessly.

A customer in Wyoming said that her system works exactly as she expected, based on other customer reviews.  She said that is the highest praise she can give, because most products do not work as advertised.  She liked the fact that the Bellman included three signals, so the only device she had to add was the smoke detector.  

This signaling system is also great for people who suffer from low vision, in addition to hearing loss.  The Bellman has a very strong vibration pager that will alert when you fail to notice the flashing signal lights.  The vibrating pager also allows you the freedom of movement – it works effortlessly indoors as well as on your porch or in your yard.  

A woman purchased the Bellman for her father, who struggles with living alone.  He has recently become a widower.  She said that he finally answers the (hearing impaired) telephone so she knows that he is okay.  The Bellman helps him maintain his independence and gives her comfort, knowing that she can check on him remotely.  

Features and Benefits

  • Bellman system includes three wireless signals
  • Flashing and vibrating pager serves people with low vision
  • Portability
  • Built-in transmitter

Customer Feedback

A customer who recently purchased this system said that her favorite part is the flashing pager.  She said that she can sit on her back porch and ‘hear’ the doorbell.  She enjoys the freedom of movement that the Bellman system provides for her.  

A certified user purchased this product for her mom, who lives in a retirement community.  She said that her mom uses the telephone and doorbell functions every day.  She feels like the alert system has enriched her mom’s life and she feels more connected to her world.  Her mom talks on the phone more often and enjoys visits from her friends – whereas before she did know when friends stopped by because she could not hear them knock on her door.   


  • Two-year warranty
  • Alerts are connected to provide complete coverage for events in your home
  • Including all components, the Bellman is a very competitively priced alert system 


  • Some customers who live in apartment buildings said that their range, due to the wall density, was not as great as customers who live in houses

3. Clarity Alertmaster AL10 Door, Phone, and Clock Alert Device

Our number three alert system is the Clarity Alertmaster AL10 Door, Phone, and Clock Alert Device.  This is a four-prong notification approach, including telephone, door knock, doorbell and alarm signals.  Sound and motion detectors can be added for additional warnings and we highly recommend the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well.   This product was reviewed with combination pack options, as a comprehensive system.  

This wireless system is super simple to install. Customers refer to it as durable and reliable.  It works well for people with moderate to severe hearing loss, including people who are virtually deaf.  

The Clarity Alertmaster features a battery backup system and comes with a one-year warranty.  

Customers describe the Alertmaster signal system as a terrific desktop device.  They appreciate the second signal option.  A woman in New York, who lives in a two-story home, said that she did not realize how many calls and visitors she missed when she was upstairs.  She said that she loves this system and it works perfectly for her needs.

Another customer said that she purchased the hearing-impaired alert so that she could hear her baby – the monitor that she had was not loud enough for her to hear.  She wanted a signaling alert that would work with her existing system, she already had door and telephone alerts.  She loves the wireless feature and said that the Clarity works very well and has been the solution to her problem.  

A certified user said that the system is almost too aggressive! He likes the flashing doorbell signal, but said that it is very bright and continues to flash until he resets it.  But he added that he is grateful that he does not miss visitors and deliveries.  

This particular alert system works very well for commercial applications.  Because of the portability and wireless features, many customer say that they use it at work.  A customer in Florida put the Alertmaster on his desk.  He said that his chair does not face the door, but now he knows when someone is entering his office.  He also uses the alarm clock to remind him of meeting times and appointments.  He added that he loves the redesign of the product and it is the perfect notification system for him.  

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in visual lamp flasher
  • Large clock face
  • Bright, adjustable display
  • Easily adapts to options and add-ons

Customer Feedback

Customers say that the Clarity Alertmaster is an exceptionally durable product.  Many customers have used the system for years, and appreciate the ability to add on components as their hearing declines, as they need additional help.  

Business owners use this system as timers for their hard of hearing clients.  A beauty shop owner likes the flashing signal so she uses it as a prompt for herself and customers.  A mom uses the clock as a timer for her son, who is autistic.  Another lady uses the timer when she is cooking – she said that her hearing aids are not comfortable, so she likes to take them out in the evening.  She said that the light flashes so brightly, it alerts her and her therapy cat, too.   


  • Least expensive alert system in our Top 5
  • Two-room signal option
  • Pairs with accessories and optional products 
  • System is entirely wireless


  • Not compatible with a built-in transmitter
  • Essential components - the smoke detector, sound and motion signals -  must be purchased separately 

2. Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200 Wireless Doorbell and Telephone Transmitter

The Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200 Wireless Doorbell and Telephone Transmitter lands firmly in our number two spot, thanks to its simple wireless installation and multi-function versatility.  It is the only alert system in our Top 5 that requires no wiring whatsoever and is not activated by sound.  

This system is small and unobtrusive. It features state of the art door and telephone signals – lamp flash and telephone transmitters. This review includes additional equipment, like the blink strobe, super shaker and fire, smoke and carbon monoxide devices.  

This exceptional equipment also features the absolute best warranty of any of our Top 5 systems – a full five years.

In addition to the flashing lamp feature, chimes can be adjusted for hearing and non-hearing family members, thus allowing you to customize this equipment to fit the needs of your family.  It is also a great feature for people who live in retirement facilities or nursing homes, so that others are not disturbed by your alert system.  

Customers consistently rate the DB200 as five-star equipment.  Even with the suggested accessories, it is one of the least expensive alert systems available.  Many customers say that they replaced their older Sonic systems and purchased the Deluxe DB200 because they trust the equipment to be durable and reliable.  

A woman who lives in a very small apartment said that she loves this device.  She purchased the unit because she only has a few electrical outlets and could not plug in multiple devices.  She bought the optional accessories, as we suggest in our Top 5 Review, and reports that she has been able to configure a complete signaling system using the wireless feature.  She added that she is perfectly well alerted, no matter which room she is in.  It makes her life – and the lives of her family and visitors – better, she said.  

A daughter purchased this unit for her mom, who is nearly deaf and experiencing the beginnings of dementia.  She said that her mom is responding very well with the alert system.  She said that she connected the system to a lamp, so her mom can see it flash – once for the telephone and three times for the doorbell.  Her mom loves the fact that she can continue to enjoy her independent, apartment-style living situation for a little while longer.  

Features and Benefits

  • Number of flashes is programmable
  • Customize flash codes for front and rear door
  • Built-in chimes, high and low register
  • System includes battery backup, can also be plugged in
  • Compatible with most home intercom systems

Customer Feedback

Customers love the wireless feature – nearly every review mentions how easy it is to set up and use the Deluxe Sonic Alert DB200! A certified user said that this product has taken the stress out of her life, especially around the holidays when she has more visitors.  She said that she no longer has to stand at the window, waiting for her guest to arrive, her lamp will let her know when they get there.  

A gentleman said this device changed his life – he said that since he purchased the DB200, he has not missed any of his critical deliveries.  He has his prescriptions shipped to him, and must sign for the delivery.  Prior to purchasing this equipment, he missed several crucial door knocks and telephone calls – but said that has not happened a single time since he received his new Sonic hearing impaired alert system.  


  • 5-year warranty, the best warranty on our Top 5 Review
  • Plug-in, transmitter and wireless capabilities
  • Economical – even with the add-on options


  • Tactile signaling is an option, not included in the price
  • Fire and carbon monoxide alerts are options, not included in the price 

1. Krown KA300 Alert System

Based on features, benefits and reviews, the number one hearing impaired alert system in our Top 5 Review is the Krown KA300 Alert System.  This exceptional signaler combines all the features of hearing impaired alert systems costing three times as much, with exceptional, verified reviews.  

The KA300 allows you to connect all of your existing alarm devices under one system – a system that is compatible with many other manufacturer’s devices.  This equipment features a flashing strobe, 95dB alarm and the most powerful shaker alert in our Top 5 Review.  It also includes the most essential elements of a signal system – the fire and carbon monoxide alerts.  

We strongly recommend that optional accessories, including the alert system monitor receiver, the wireless transmitter, the remote receiver, the telephone transmitter and the shaker receiver be purchased with the KA300.  

This system is perfect for home use – but the comprehensive wireless feature makes it a great choice for student dorms, nursing homes, hotels and apartments as well.   The KA300 provides excellent severe weather emergency monitoring.  It incorporates the latest technology, to provide you with early detection of severe storms in your community.  In the event of a power outage, this technologically advanced equipment will automatically switch to its battery backup.

A customer insisted that her extraordinary review was totally honest and she was not paid for it – she said that this system changed her life.  Her husband is deaf in one ear and she was afraid to leave him alone.  They live in tornado territory and she feared that he would not hear the sirens.  She said that the loud sounds, combined with the vibrations, has changed their lives.  She is no longer fearful and he is confident that he can prepare in case of severe weather.  

Another customer said that he has owned this system for a few years.  He said that as his hearing deteriorates, the KA 300 has grown with his personal hearing impairment needs.  He said that the system works perfectly, it is not tedious or difficult to set up or install, and he would definitely recommend it above other hearing-impaired signal systems that he has used.  

Features and Benefits

  • Alerts include tactile, auditory and visual aids
  • Carrying case for portability
  • Programmable transmitter codes
  • Designed for homes, apartments, dormitory, and motel /hotel use
  • Timed signal to prevent false and nuisance alarms
  • One-year warranty  

Customer Feedback

The Krown KA300 earned consistent five-star review from customers and certified users.  A customer in New York said that her father, who is 95 years old, would not be able to continue living independently without this alert system. 

A customer said that although this system is relatively expensive, it saved her money in the long run by combining all of her alerts under one umbrella system.  She said that her smoke detector is compatible with the KA300, so she does not worry about her safety in case of a fire in her apartment complex.      


  • AC adaptor included 
  • Alkaline and rechargeable batteries included 
  • Three receiver channels
  • Three LED display channels, yellow, green and red


  • Customers did not make any negative comments or mention any adverse issues with the Krown KA300 hearing-impaired alert system 


For a person who is deaf or hearing impaired, an alert system is essential for their safety.  Many of the products available for hearing impaired folks are important for their comfort and convenience – but certain components of alert systems are simply indispensable.  

In an emergency situation, a person with hearing loss must remain informed and be prepared to flee in case of severe weather warnings.  Many customers say that they have life-sustaining prescription medicines that are delivered to their homes – so they need to know when someone is at the door with a package for them. 

For these reasons, we have chosen to review and recommend complete hearing-impaired alert systems, rather than individual components.  These comprehensive systems feature technology that includes advanced auditory, visual and vibrotactile assistive alerts.  All of the families who have purchased and used these alert systems have written very positive reviews.  

We have carefully examined and evaluated both the individual components and the compatibility of each device to work in conjunction, as a fully functioning alert system.  All of these hearing impaired signaling systems are excellent, but we believe that the Krown KA300 Alert System is the best choice.  

The Krown signaling system is unique in its versatility; it works tremendously well for houses, apartments, dormitories, hotels, motels and offices. It possesses all of the features and benefits of each of our top systems – and it is compatible with the other devices.  

If you already have a single purpose Bellman or Clarity alarm clock or telephone alert, the Krown system will work with that alert. You can also add accessories and options from the Krown system, as you like.   

The most vital components of any hearing-impaired alert system are the warning signals that protect those with hearing loss from dangerous situations.  Many types and brands of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are easily connected to the Krown system – it is adaptable and provides you with the peace of mind and serenity of knowing that you or your loved one is protected in case of an emergency.    

Hearing impaired customers and their families often speak directly to the issue of quality of life.  They insist that the KA300 allows their deaf and hearing impaired family member to enjoy their independence, knowing that they can continue to function and remain self-reliant with the help of this exceptional alert system.   

Rehabmart offers a variety of hearing impaired alert devices and comprehensive systems to fit virtually everyone who has disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, or limited communication abilities!

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