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The Best Portable ECG Machine - Patented Tech Offers 70% Reduction in ECG Test Result Time

By Mike Price, OT

The PCA 500 Portable ECG Machine System is revolutionizing the heart health industry with its cloud-based platform for conducting remote patient monitoring with fast, accurate, ECG tests that can be performed anywhere there is a wireless internet connection.

The 5 Best Leg Compression Devices [Updated for 2020]

By Hulet Smith, OT

[top:44732,27705,48530,41234,47964] What is compression therapy for legs? Providing a simple, efficacious method to strengthen and support the veins and increase blood flow activity in the lower limbs, compression therapy for the legs is a form of wound care that gently applies pressure to the ankles and legs. While often addressed with wearable compression garments like stockings and sleeves, c...

Electrostatic Sprayer Backorders Explained

By Mike Price, OT

There is a nationwide backorder on electrostatic sprayers. The manufacturer, Victory Innovations has issued the following statement: Due to extreme demand caused by the coronavirus, our sprayers are currently out of stock. We are doing everything we can to meet the inventory requirements of our valued customers, but do not expect inventory until October, 2020.  These sprayers...

Non-Surgical Treatment Device for Scoliosis by Meditrac

By Mike Price, OT

Meditrac’s patented D.B.S. Dynamic Brace System for Scoliosis makes it possible to recover from scoliosis without surgery. In this article, we discuss their "traction on the move" therapy and the results seen by medical professionals who treat scoliosis.

Pedal Wheelchair: Active Mobility for Wheelchair Users

By Megan Smith, PT

The GoxCy 30 Pedal Wheelchair by Healthpedal reduces the impact of limited mobility on a person's health and physiology by creating an ergonomic and practical solution to exercise therapy for those who require a wheelchair to stay mobile. It's portable, comes with a stationary cycle mode, and is easy to maneuver. Read the full article for our review and feedback from users of this innovative mobility plus exercise therapy product. 

Pushing a Wheelchair is Hard: RoWheels Makes it Easy!

By Mike Price, OT

For years, pushing manual wheelchairs has contributed to shoulder aches and instability because of the motion of pushing wheel rims forward. But now there's another option! The brainchild of a NASA engineer and wheelchair user, RoWheels incorporates a unique design that allows users to use a rowing motion to propel their chairs forward. Learn more about the RoWheels Revolution here!

Do Cooling Vests Really Work? 4 Types & How they Cool You Down

By Hulet Smith, OT

Cooling vests are designed to help people in all sorts of settings from athletics to construction keep their core temperature low and comfortable. But what do any of them actually work? We seek to answer that question by examining the different types of vests and how they produce cooling power. Read more to find out what we discovered!

Maxi Slide or Sally Tube: Which is the Best Transfer Sheet?

By Hulet Smith, OT

Lateral transfers are a huge part of daily life in caregiving, but what's the best slide sheet to make them safe and easy? We compare two of the top transfer sheets head to head to determine which one comes out on top, then offer some of our honorable mentions. Read more to find out what we discovered!

Dynamic Unweighting: Anti-Gravity Systems for Rehabilitation

By Sara McEvoy, PT, DPT

Weight-bearing exercise is an important part of recovery, but for many patients it can feel difficult if not impossible to perform due to pain, balance, or other challenges. Anti-gravity training provides the perfect solution to this problem, supporting people and allowing them to retrain their muscles safely and effectively. Read on to learn more about how it works!

5 Procedure Chairs That Will Revolutionize Every Operation: DRE Medical

By Hulet Smith, OT

Procedure chairs are one of the most common bases for a range of treatments in many medical settings. DRE Medical is producing some of the best, most versatile, and highly cost-effective chairs and tables that are perfect for any and every environment and application. Read on to learn more about why they're the best.

Better Transfers in Less Space: New Arjo Compact Patient Lifts

By Hulet Smith, OT

Patient lifts are an integral part of safe patient transfers, but for people with smaller frames or those living in smaller environments, finding the a lift that will fit correctly can be challenging. We introduce some of Arjo's new compact lift models perfect for just these situations. Read on to learn more about what they are and where to find them!

FlexrGO sEMG: Get Simple, Wireless Biofeedback in Real Time

By Hulet Smith, OT

The FlexrGO Wireless Wearable EMG provides real-time biofeedback of muscular strength, power, and mobility ideal for use in a range of therapeutic and fitness applications. The innovative design helps promote accurate progression and patient engagement.

The Guardian Way: A Better E-Stim for Dysphagia

By Lindsay Douglas, MS, CCC-SLP, COS-C

Mealtime is such a huge part of the way we relate to one another that being left out can be really isolating. For patients with swallowing trouble, there is a solution that can help improve therapy results and help them feel normal faster. The Guardian Way is a new way of presenting e-stim therapy that's totally focused on the individual, guaranteeing a better experience during each session and better results.

Is There a Treatment for Vertigo? Nystalab is the Answer

By Sara McEvoy, PT, DPT

Looking for a better way to treat patients with dizziness and vertigo? The innovative Nystalab Wireless Video Frenzel Goggles allow you to make effective diagnoses, while also making it easy to track rehabilitative progress. Read on to learn more about how you can bring the Nystalab into your practice today!

Introducing Inogen: The Best Portable Oxygen For Any Lifestyle

By Mike Price, OT

Introducing the most sought-after portable oxygen on the market! Inogen is now at Rehabmart, offering a range of their most popular oxygen concentrator models at new low prices. Read on to learn more about Inogen and their amazing technology, or click here to get straight to shopping!

Get Faster Muscle Recovery with Pflexx Sports Knee Braces

By Megan Smith, PT

Looking to get more out of your training, or get back on your feet faster? The Pflexx Knee Trainer is the perfect solution, bringing you innovative technology that strengthens the muscle groups around the knee joint, while also stimulating blood flow to speed healing. Read more to find out why the Pflexx is the best tool you never knew you needed.

Wheelchairs Move Better With SmartDrive Power Assist

By Mike Price, OT

The SmartDrive is the middle ground between the portability of a manual wheelchair and the added power assistance of a power wheelchair. This innovative tool is easy to install, simple to operate, and ideal for nearly any wheelchair user. Read on to learn more and get one for yourself!

Strongback Wheelchairs: More Lumbar Support, Less Pain

By Hulet Smith, OT

Tired of back pain from unsupportive wheelchairs? Strongback revolutionized the camp chair, and they've used that same design to re-invent the wheelchair, promoting good posture that alleviates slouching, pain, and pressure for a lightweight, foldable wheelchair that still has you feeling great all day long. Read on to learn more about this innovative design and how it can help you!

A Lift for Every Patient: Gendron Maxi Care Bariatric Lift

By Hulet Smith, OT

Looking for a better way to safely support patients of all sizes? The Maxi Care Bariatric Lift is one of the best ways to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer experience for both patients and staff alike. Manufactured by Gendron, a company dedicated to high-quality bariatric equipment, this lift is one of the best tools on the market. Learn more now!

Introducing the Butler SMART: An Innovative Motion Sensor Alert System

By Mike Price, OT

Looking for a better way to keep a loved one safe without restraints or having to supervise them directly at all times? The Butler SMART Alert System is an innovative sensor that can cover an entire room, and sends real-time notifications to your phone, tablet, or other device if any movement is sensed. Learn more now!

ClipDifferent: A Revolutionary One-Handed Nail Clipper

By Hulet Smith, OT

Has an injury or disability made you unable to cut your own fingernails? The ClipDifferent Pro is the best way to safely and independently trim your nails with no risk of injury, and it can be used by anyone, one-handed, no matter your strength or dexterity. Learn more about the ClipDifferent and how you can regain your independence!

MyTENS: New Pain Relief for the 21st Century

By Hulet Smith, OT

Tired of being stuck in one place while you use your TENS unit? Sick of getting tangled up in all the wires? Irritated by the outdated, complicated control schemes? The MyTENS is the perfect solution, offering a Bluetooth-capable wireless design that's controlled with just your smartphone. It also features 60 intensities, 19 programs, and four categories for maximum customization.

Glassless Mirrors: What’s the Difference?

By Hulet Smith, OT

Looking for a safer alternative to traditional mirrors? Or maybe you're tired of the loud echo in your gym or dance studio? Glassless mirrors are lightweight, inexpensive, and totally shatterproof, making them an amazing choice for use in any setting from homes to pools to kitchens for bright, clear reflections with no danger of broken glass.

The OptonPro: Laser Innovation in Deep Tissue Pain Relief

By Hulet Smith, OT

Looking for a cutting-edge, non-invasive solution for pain relief? Then look no further than the OptonPro. This innovative laser therapy system delivers two wavelengths of light simultaneously to provide two therapies in one, penetrating both surface and deep tissues to relieve pain and inflammation regardless of the patient's injury or illness. Check out the OptonPro today, only at

PhysioGait: Unweighted Training for Better Exercise & Recovery

By Megan Smith, PT

Looking for a better solution for mobility, gait training, fitness, and rehabilitation? The PhysioGait is the perfect tool for all these applications and more! The unique unweighted training system alleviates the pressure of body weight, allowing the user to move freely in 360 degrees with no worry of falls. Read on for more information on the best way to maintain safety and accelerate recovery!

Abely Lift Me Up: Comfortable, Adjustable Recovery in Your Own Bed

By Hulet Smith, OT

Need a better solution for safely sitting up in bed or elevating your feet without the hassle and expense of changing everything about your bedroom to get a hospital bed? The Abelift is the perfect solution, offering fully electric adjustment in your very own bed where you can sleep comfortably next to your loved one.

Get an Extra Pair Of Hands with the Torque Therapy Table

By Megan Smith, PT

Therapy can be a tough job to do alone, but the Torque Therapy Table is here to give you an extra pair of hands. Twelve strategically placed holes and four bolsters help apply force to facilitate a variety of therapeutic techniques while reducing strain on the therapist. 

Embrace Functional Freedom with PushBraces by BraceLab

By Jerry Ditz, DPT, Dip. Osteopractic, Cert. SMT, Cert. DN

Push Braces by BraceLab have built a worldwide reputation around being a premium solution for a variety of conditions that keep people from performing their favorite activities. Push braces are uniquely designed in consultation with medical experts to ensure maximum support and comfort while maintaining functional positioning. Push products are made in Europe with high-quality materials to ensure...

Recover Better, Faster with Cold Compression Therapy

By Hulet Smith, OT

Cold compression therapy is an innovative new modality that combines the traditional treatments of cold and compression in one unique form to provide faster healing times, less pain, and more effective treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses.

Engage in Active Learning with the Kinesthetic Classroom

By Hulet Smith, OT

The latest brain research suggests that kids perform better when they're allowed to move freely, and KidsFit has designed a way to promote that movement while still keeping the classroom organized and in control. Read on to learn more about all the innovative ways KidsFit is changing the classroom.

G-Force Braces: Wearable Cryotherapy for Rehabilitation, Edema and Pain Management

By Hulet Smith, OT

G-Force Kold Kompressor braces combine cold and compression therapies in one portable, easy-to-adjust brace for the knee, shoulder or back. These braces are uniquely convenient, thanks to their universal sizing - which means virtually anyone can use them right out of the box! 

Game Ready: Hot & Cold Therapy Systems for Enhanced Injury and Surgery Recovery

By Mike Price, OT

Because of how frequently sports injuries occur, the need for physical therapy equipment for the treatment or recovery of athletes is at an all-time high—and there are few companies as successful at providing customers with reliable, effective physical therapy products as Game Ready, a collection of physical therapy systems manufactured by CoolSystems, Inc!

Lost Your Ability to Drive? Get Back on the Road with Freedom Staff!

By Hulet Smith, OT

It might be hard to imagine that one day, whether due to an accident or a slowly developing illness, you are suddenly deprived of your ability to operate a vehicle on your own. James Chapman's wife didn't have to imagine this: it happened to her. James invented the Freedom Staff to give his wife and others like her their freedom back! 

Get Better & Stronger with the Spider Complete Exercise Gym

By Mike Price, OT

The Spider Complete Gym is a unique, dynamic exercise system that can be used by any patient, regardless of mobility, to provide a workout that’s perfectly suited for his or her specific needs and abilities. 

Help Loved Ones Stand for the First Time Ever with the EasyStand Sit-to-Stand Frame

By Megan Smith, PT

Users with conditions like paraplegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and any other condition which directly impair a person’s ability to stand independently would reap the benefits of integrating an EasyStand Lift into everyday life! 

Shure-Step: The Safest Step Stools in the World

By Megan Smith, PT

The Shure-Step Safe Step Stool has everything for safe stepping, including a non-slip surface of sandpaper material and a strong wedge based design with non-skid pads to help prevent slipping accidents. Schure Step offers a wide selection of innovative step-stools in order to prevent falling and skidding, and keep the ones you love independent and active well into their years!

The Harmar Incline Cargo Stair Lift: Preventing Injury and Promoting Independence

By Hulet Smith, OT

Harmar’s Incline Cargo Stairlifts were created to make lifting large, heavy, or bulky items while traveling up and down the stairs easier, less risky, and overwhelmingly efficient.

The Mangar Bathing Cushion: Easy and Independent Access to the Perfect Bath

By Hulet Smith, OT

Taking the time to kneel, sit down, and stand back up again can be taxing on anyone, but especially on adults who are retired or living alone. The Manager Bathing Cushion allows for an effortless and fulfilling bathing experience for anyone seeking a peaceful, low-risk way to get inside a bathtub! 

The Spirit APS Car Seat: Customizable Comfort for Children with Special Needs

By Megan Smith, PT

Whether it’s running to the grocery store or meeting up with friends, Drive Medical’s APS Car Seats give comfort to children who have an array of needs when being taken on the town. Designed with input from therapists, this car seat provides the protection of a 5-point harness at higher weights than commercial seats, and allows for a reclined seating position, encouraging better postural control. 

Pneu Walker 2 Mobility Trainer: Gain the Confidence Needed to Walk Again

By Megan Smith, PT

The Pneu Walker 2 Mobility Trainer provides comfort for nervous individuals who have a hard time walking, giving them a way to combat fear, and providing confidence to step forward once again.

Is Your Child Prone to Wander? Keep Them Safe with Kayserbetten Safety Beds

By Megan Smith, PT

Kayserbetten Safety Beds are in thousands of homes, and many children’s hospitals around the world! They provide special needs children with a safe, comfortable, cheerful sleeping environment, while also making it infinitely easier for families to care for their children.

The Rifton E-Pacer: Two-in-One Gait Training and Patient Lifting

By Mike Price, OT

The Rifton E-Pacer Lift and Gait Trainer is an ingenious combination of two crucial tools for improving user mobility: lifting, and gait training. 

Obi Robotic Dining Assistant: Stylish, Dignified Feeding Help

By Megan Smith, PT

The Obi Robotic Dining Assistant is the very first teachable robotic dining assistant, enabling persons who cannot feed themselves to have a dignified, independent dining experience!

The Scallop Positioning Seat: Finally, a Way for Special Needs Children to Sit Independently

By Megan Smith, PT

Designed by Keira Gwynn, a university student in Swansea, Wales, the Scallop seat is for children who cannot sit independently without pelvic and trunk support. Shaped like a scallop shell, this seat surrounds users and offers them a feeling of security and stability while seated either on the floor or atop a chair. It’s portable, washable, and even functions as a soft carry bag for outings! 

Eliminate Transfer Injuries with this Amazing Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

By Megan Smith, PT

Whether the patient is elderly, injured, or in rehabilitation for an injury, the use of assistive lifting devices can be incredibly helpful for avoiding further injury and pain. As the name implies, patient lifting devices are designed to help caregivers safely transfer patients without relying solely on their own physical strength and coordination.

MusicGlove: Improve Hand Function in Two Weeks Through Music and Gaming

By Megan Smith, PT

When returning home from a hospital stay, many stroke patients do not comply with the hand rehabilitation exercises prescribed for them. The MusicGlove is a creative and proven method of hand rehabilitation that makes therapy fun and engaging, while producing life-changing results!

Plexfit: The Next Generation of Athletic Arm Slings

By Hulet Smith, OT

When Anthony (“AJ”) Cooper suffered a severe brachial plexus injury in a motorbike accident, he was faced with the possibility of arm amputation. Unwilling to accept his fate as a man with one functioning arm, Anthony went to work creating what is now the Plexfit Athletic Arm Sling - a device encouraging individuals with sustained bodily trauma to continue living life with confidence and vigor.

Free2Go Rollator: Reduce Social Isolation with the First Portable Bathroom Commode

By Megan Smith, PT

Created for individuals with limited mobility seeking greater social freedoms, the Free2Go Rollator is part upright rolling walker, part bathroom commode!

Discreetly hiding a toilet seat beneath the walker’s fold-down padded cushion, the Free2Go Rollator combines the elements of an assistive mobility device with the portability of a toilet rail.

Experience Hospital-Level Comfort and Convenience with the atHand Overbed Table

By Hulet Smith, OT

The selection process for choosing most assistive products can be a lengthy one; however, when it comes to choosing the perfect overbed table, atHand makes the selection simple. 

With its endless versatility, comprehensive use, and outstanding design, the atHand Overbed Table stands apart from competitors by delivering everything a user could desire - all in one compact, intuitive model.

3 Innovative Products to Reduce or Eliminate Snoring

By Mike Price, OT

Lots of factors may cause a person to snore.

But whatever the cause, the myth that snoring is a lifelong, cure-less condition no longer exists, thanks to innovative medical advancements and a variety of anti-snoring product options. 

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